boo in a sentence

Example sentences for boo

It is sheer nonsense to suggest that boo is potentially more harmful than than dreck that can be purchased on the local store.
When he manipulated the audience to boo your issues, his charm rang hollow.
Be careful that they don't boo you for stating scientifically established facts.
They can do whatever they please, and no other nation can say boo because they hold such a large percentage of the world's oil.
One is good for all, regardless of the lunacy of a boo-boo vs guts spilling out onto the ground.
We cheer on the good guy and boo when the bad guy gets a leg up.
Oh, look, two years in a row with trillion dollar deficits and boo to show for it.
Boo to the lazy editor who came up with the lame label.
The peek-a-boo virtual keyboard is decent for slow touch-typing.
His career by now seems virtually boo-boo-proof-and so does his nonchalant image.
In fact, they're getting ready to boo him off the stage.
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