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Example sentences for bonuses

These people actually get bonuses if they deny enough treatment to people who have paid for the coverage they are being denied.
Everybody's furious about the bonuses being paid out to finance folks, but nobody quite knows what to do about it.
Bonuses are also awarded for avoiding frequently-used queries.
We all are stuck, left, right and centre and they talk in millions and billions when it comes to paying bonuses to bank managers.
Rather, they were also trying to maximize their profits and justify large salaries and bonuses for their executives.
Reps that succeed are rewarded with bonuses or commissions.
Moreover, he derived two bonuses from his island idyll.
The best time to shop is at the end of the month, when dealers try to meet sales goals and qualify for month-end bonuses.
Option bonuses are accounted for in the year that they were earned.
In some cases, portions of actual payments for option bonuses are deferred to later years.
Another way a card can get in my wallet is by having an attractive program that offers spending and transfer bonuses.
Pay packages consist of base salary, bonuses and awards of stock and options.
Signing bonuses, which waned in popularity as the economy faltered, are back in vogue in several industries.
The contract includes bonuses for plate appearances and days spent on the active roster.
In some cases, companies can take a deduction for the current tax year for bonuses actually paid the following tax year.
Calif utility diverted safety money to bonuses, profits.
Health insurers might consider paying bonuses to hospitals that reduce infections.
Bonuses will be governed by strict formulas-or by broad principles.
And all this has been amplified into public outrage by the foolish decision to pay out bumper bonuses again.
Bankers may routinely earn million-pound bonuses but some hedge-fund and private-equity managers have become billionaires.
The chances of further taxes will rise if bonuses continue to inflame tempers.
In the good years, when they randomly beat the market, the traders earned bonuses.
Therefore, there is ample scope for a tax on the component of the bonuses that is distributed right away.
Successful traders will be tempted to leave if, as seems likely, no bonuses are paid for the year.
The ugly results will make for difficult decisions on bonuses as the year draws to a close.
And state doctors and teachers plan to strike again if the government fails to give them long-promised big bonuses.
Employees have, after all, already been prepped for lousy bonuses.
Tying bonuses to next year's earnings encourages scrimping on investment to buy back shares.
Bonuses should always be clawed back if they are miscalculated.
The slowing will be even sharper once a big fall in bonuses, especially in the finance industry, is included.
It is why bankers' fat bonuses, paid from profits boosted by cheap funding, are unfair.
Responding to voter anger, they talk of reining in bankers' bonuses and pay packages for company bosses.
Banning bonuses, for instance, would drive good people out of companies that badly need them.
High returns were leading to such huge bonuses for endowment managers that less well-paid university staff protested.
Between lost jobs, shrunken paychecks and disappearing bonuses it's been a time of more pain, less gain.
Finally shareholders are becoming incensed by these reprehensible bonuses and severance packages.
And authors often get bonuses when their books make it onto the lists.
The wasteful nature of these bonuses, however, is a step in the wrong direction.
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