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Example sentences for bonus

But the otherwise unremarkable experiment yielded an unexpected bonus.
After an enemy dies off, you can set your crew of soldiers to eating their corpse to get bonus items and extra health.
That's a big bonus for the hardcore geek with lots of extra hardware to support.
Workers would think of the provisional bonus as theirs, and work harder to prevent it from being taken away.
And we're adding value with bonus information and a much bolder design.
And starting next year, those with the best scores will be eligible for bonus funds.
Click ahead for the plan and a closer look at each outdoor bonus space.
To avoid this they paid the reps a salary plus bonus.
Commemorative edition features two hours of bonus programs.
Bonus point: the materials needed for the device are cheap and easily available.
And here's today's bonus video, watch robot flowers come to life.
Many of these deciduous kinds offer a bonus of edible fruit.
Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from the box set bonus content.
As a result, the annual bonus made up the bulk of a typical banker's total compensation.
Compensation will include a base salary, commissions, and a bonus plan.
Many commentators have criticised the scrapping bonus.
Watch a behind-the-scenes video, share it, and unlock bonus footage.
The possibility of water ice here is an added bonus.
Yes, the publisher was sloppy about the actual authorship of these bonus plays.
When the stock returns to its previous levels they can talk about a bonus.
Ask your account manager for more information on bonus distribution for this special report.
Corporate acquisitions are not the only decisions that are distorted by managers' bonus schemes.
Plus: a bonus pullout map to the park's backcountry landmarks.
And you'll have it to yourself now that summer crowds are gone, with the bonus of cooler temps.
The figure does not include bonus plans by hedge funds, which are likely to reduce their payouts after a down year.
Using a bonus system could be worthwhile if the criteria for determining productivity and quality were appropriate.
The hours are crippling, there is always someone with a bigger bonus than yours, and the infighting can be brutal.
It is that perfect somewhere in between piece of clothing, a bonus for any wardrobe.
With conversion, you have the added bonus of recycled automobiles.
And the spring flushes are light pink and yellow, which is a bonus at that time of year.
Bonus points for providing the logic behind your answer.
Finally, here are some non-lichen related bonus shots.
The big bonus was the way combining a close foreground with distant objects gave a great sense of depth to the picture.
The collection also includes the bonus features plus a commemorative booklet.
Information on points that need to be clarified is also a bonus.
Bonus points if you can wrangle a week-day visit when the crowds tend to be lightest.
Another bonus is that such lasers are becoming more efficient and ever more powerful.
Bonus points will be awarded for anything resembling physics.
At retirement a bonus of around three times the final annual salary is paid in a lump sum.
Don't view it as the state mandating your savings but rather as a bonus benefit on top of your salary.
Bonus points for commenters who explain the connexions, fanciful or otherwise, between the two.
The world's largest underwater neutrino telescope is starting to get results, as well as some bonus seismic and biological data.
One and a half month salary as a bonus for recognition of achievers.
His minority status and his role in mentoring minority students has been a bonus.
Ribbons, seals and foreign languages seemed to get bonus points.
The certificate for your bonus points is in the mail.
In real estate, this is the season to obsess about the bonus season.
At these five there's lots to do, and as a bonus, some rates are in the deep freeze.
As a bonus, they don't need to be kept in the freezer.
Smokers have the added bonus of a relatively short life span, so you run less risk of seeing them twice.
The keyboard fits in my back pocket, which is a real bonus.
And, as a bonus, you don t get people cutting through residential neighborhoods to avoid the backups.
Bonus: they also eliminate the bulbs' annoying flicker.
The company paid a bonus for a reasonable disclosure submission.
The oxygen byproduct is a bonus, as would be the use of low voltage currents to stimulate new growth in coral reefs, for example.
These distributed representations probably also get you some information compression as a bonus.
Also, as a bonus, selling the electric cars w/o the full buying price of the battery would make them a lot cheaper.
Every resource you explore, every image you organize into your lesson-planning account earns you points to unlock bonus resources.
As an added bonus, none of these games are going to shove gendered expectations down a kids' throat.
As a bonus, it always happened in the middle of the night.
It is a bonus that other people find this useful at all.
Bonus points go to any comics and art nerd who can cite them all in the comments section below.
He earns only about five dollars a day, with a bonus for higher production.
The bonus may rob sales from other deserving industries, from white goods to beer-as well as from future car sales.
If the company has floundered, then bonus payments should certainly not be part of that pay-off.
Another bonus would be improved reliability, something obviously more important for pilots than auto drivers.
The financial bailout package signed into law today has some bonus provisions for renewable energy and plug-in vehicles.
They have been collecting that bonus for decades, totaling many hundreds of billions now.
The range of recipes in the old books is another bonus.
The fact that it is remarkably easy to put together is a bonus.
The predatory prowess afforded by jaws, he argues, was an evolutionary bonus.
Not only a spectacular picture of the shuttle reentry put an optical illusion as a bonus.
Poor people of all races are discriminated against with no particular bonus for white skin color.
And there's a bonus: they also don't fall out when you yawn.
The fact that snail's luminescence can be seen through its shell is a bonus.
There admittedly is scanty evidence yet, but an effect here would be a bonus.
Along with their ostensible nature, the sympathetic reader gets this deeper dimension as a bonus, an earned increment.
The expectation for us was to have a good tournament, and anything else was a bonus.
The two stars-in-the-making could well have expected a bonus.
Each would get a guaranteed salary, plus a bonus based on performance.
Which is why a bonus room, designed with flexibility in mind, is a popular feature.
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