bonhomie in a sentence

Example sentences for bonhomie

He's grayer, and he has a rueful look around the mouth and eyes that sets him apart in this capital of false bonhomie.
They admire his energy, his courage, his boyish charm and bonhomie.
To the casual observer, it was a scene of glad tidings and seasonal bonhomie.
The penumbra of bonhomie is narrow and precarious at best.
He courted them incorrigibly with lavish flattery and shoulder-squeezing bonhomie.
Despite the bonhomie reported by many participants, it wasn't long before there was a bit of bipartisan sniping.
The regulars give it character and a sense of bonhomie.
Such graciousness and bonhomie are especially impressive in a restaurant of this size.
The owner has liberated himself from the kitchen and sets a tone of bonhomie.
Partly because her voice is fairly high and light in texture, she doesn't project his supreme relaxation and bonhomie.
The bonhomie has rippled well beyond the usual cast of characters.
But behind all the bonhomie lies a life of undue pressure and unorganized lifestyle.
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