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For easy carving, have the butcher cut the rib-eye muscle from the bones, then tie the meat and bones back together for roasting.
The carpal bones, eight in number, are arranged in two rows.
Drain oil from salmon, remove skin and bones, rub through a sieve.
The anterior border articulates with the spine of the frontal bone and the crest of the nasal bones.
Add to bones cold water and vegetables, and let simmer twenty minutes.
The diploic veins occupy channels in the diploƫ of the cranial bones.
The articulations between the tibia and fibula are effected by ligaments which connect the extremities and bodies of the bones.
The master eats the flesh, the servant must gnaw the bones.
Its upper border is thin, irregular, and connected to various bones along the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
Cover remaining meat and body bones with cold water.
The temporal bones are situated at the sides and base of the skull.
When the crane attempts to dance with the horse she gets broken bones.
Bones are constantly being dissolved and remade throughout life.
Songbird bones may be hollow, but they're actually denser than the bones of mammals of the same size.
Wrapped in linen and rolled up in stiff mats made of sticks, they are little more than bones.
How fast these bones move toward home plate then determines the release velocity of the baseball.
People who are bedridden for months at a time may develop brittle bones and become weak as their muscles wither with inactivity.
The product could help pave the way for the fabrication of replacement bones.
They carved the meat of cow- and goat-sized animals with sharp stone tools and smashed the bones to get at the rich marrow inside.
Initial examinations found cut marks on the bones, and a projectile point made of bone was embedded in one of the mastodon's ribs.
The bones are seen under microscope to be virtually hollow.
Calculating the size of our progenitors' brains and bodies from a few scattered bones is a tricky process.
They have no skin between the two bones that form their lower jaw.
Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease in which bones become brittle and prone to fracture.
The tendons sewn together and the small bones healed, that your hand might close on a pencil again or hold a cup.
Normal skeletons collapse into piles of loose bones if the flesh and connective tissue that joined them in life are removed.
He could feel the delicate framework of bones beneath her flesh.
Further back there was different kinds of bones, arrowheads, and clay pots.
Cut each fish along the sides, detaching the bones from the flesh, leaving the sides attached at the back.
Columns on the lower floors are modeled on human bones.
His features settled lower and more loosely on the bones of his head.
They've studied bone structure and they've even used oxygen isotopes in those bones to help determine body temperatures.
Complete skeletons are exceptionally rare, and the few scraps of tiny mammal bones are often found in isolation.
From wings to low-density bones to echolocation, the evolution of flight in bats required many radical changes.
Rotting fingers, teeth, pieces of bones and other keepsakes were found in his possession.
The sports networks toss only token bones to academics, if any at all.
They had no forensic body farm at which to chart a corpse's fade from nauseating stink to cautionary bones.
It does however help me quite a bit to know about all the bones, ligaments, nerves and arteries that supply my shoulder.
There are no star professors, little research, and the administrative pool is bare bones.
Obscure writing has its audience, too, for not everyone would want to eat meat that contains no bones.
He roughly cures the skins and sells them and the bones to a local trader.
Thanks to some creative local politicking, it can now begin to put flesh on the bones.
Instead, a bare-bones service will if necessary be provided by a private firm.
How much, and how long for, are now the main bones of contention.
Their bare-bones playing was matched by their singing.
In a vertebrate's arms, muscles do the moving and bones carry the weight.
Smooth muscle is different from the familiar sort that cloaks bones and enables bodily movement.
The new branches are mainly outside city centres and are decidedly bare-bones.
Most strong biological structures of this sort-bones, teeth, shells and so on-are highly mineralised.
Her body was taken to the outskirts of the town and buried with the bones of a dog, apparently to demonstrate her worthlessness.
And vibrations transmitted through their skeletons may also be picked up by their exceptionally large middle-ear bones.
With longer life spans, an aging population and the increasing demand for prosthetics, the hunt is on for more durable faux bones.
The signal is processed by electronics and sent to a tiny vibrating piston implanted against the small bones in the middle ear.
The human body can be amazingly resilient: wounds heal, bones mend, ligaments grow back together.
X-rays are still popular for producing images of bones, but the technology exposes a patient to potentially harmful radiation.
The painkillers that help headaches and broken bones do little for chronic pain, leaving a huge need for new treatments.
For instance, a user who holds a sheet of paper over an image of a human body might see the bones of the skeleton.
Isn't there anyone left with some creativity in their bones.
Looking back from our present vantage point, one sees more clearly the virtues of that bare-bones age.
The bones show the species lived on the island for more than five million years.
The bones were then redeposited in younger rock layers, making them appear to belong to an earlier era.
If the animals had died on impact, all the bones would have been found in a heap directly below the hole in the ceiling.
Above bones on the inverted pyramid are soft tissues.
Now, imagine us making our bones or our teeth, or imagine an abalone making a shell.
There wasn't enough meat on the bones for this critic.
The bones in his head were fused together, restricting the growth of his brain, and would need to be separated.
B ut for all her protestations to the contrary, the business is too deep in her bones for her to shrug it off entirely.
If no bones were broken, he may not have felt much pain, except for some stinging where his skin was torn.
Directly below the sidewalk, a volunteer scratches up dirt in a niche formed largely by the bones of dead mammoths.
The dinosaur bones were jumbled up rather than lying in articulated poses on the burrow floor.
He studied fossil bones, stone artifacts and cave paintings.
As any good paleontologist knows there's much more to the science than bones collecting dust in museum drawers.
We were simply objects among bones, bones among objects, and then signed and sealed with a date.
For example, many of the best fossils of hominids come from piles of bones near places where predators ate lunch.
Beyond that welcome, the bones of six million people line the dim tunnels.
However, bird skeletons are so tiny and fragile that chemicals damage the bones, destroying the specimen's scientific value.
Thousands of the ungainly, horned animals fall prey to predators each year, while others perish from broken bones and drowning.
The yellow bones are those that have been recovered for each species.
She had surgery to remove the tumor, but a year later the cancer spread to her bones.
All the fine bones of that eaten-up story, think about them.
The expedition expected to find little more than bones-yet even discovering those would have been a revelation.
All of a sudden, artists are again plainly smarter in their bones than art intellectuals are in their brains.
Remove the bird or piece of meat, bone it if necessary, and discard the bones.
Time pares the flesh and nerve from an artist's reputation, leaving only the barest of bones.
There are those who have starved the flesh off their bones, and those who have had it surgically removed or relocated.
The minute you entered a yard, the bigness of the trains translated right into your bones.
Her face was still formidable-sharp bones, taut brown skin, steel-gray hair combed straight up.
The theatre was in his bones, dramaturgy in his throat.
Pat fish dry and check for bones by running your hand over fish from thinnest to thickest end.
When shanks are cool enough to handle, pull meat from bones, discarding skin and fat.
Remove the meat from the bones and cut it into small pieces.
Meanwhile, coarsely shred chicken, discarding skin and bones.
If any bones of the game are available, brown them well in the oven and add them.
Keeping skin intact and pieces of chicken whole or in large pieces, carefully remove bones from meat, discarding bones.
When chicken is cool, pull meat into shreds, discarding skin and bones.
Discard skin and bones from duck confit, then shred meat.
Cut the meat into medium pieces about half an inch long and remove the larger bones.
The bones are sawed crosswise, with the mea and marrow clinging to them, and arc cooked for long hours until the meat is tender.
Bones help fix themselves by controlling the body's metabolism.
Recently archeologists discovered several piles of human bones at the site.
These bones, they say, show clear evidence of cannibalism.
They've adapted one of their wrist bones into a strut that supports their giant squishy feet.
He also investigated the rocks surrounding the bones and studied date indicators, such as their magnetic polarity.
Its leg bones were unusually thick, a feature shared by other aquatic animals including hippos, sea otters and manatees.
But when it comes to dinosaurs, all they really have to work with is an incomplete jumble of bones.
While scientists struggled to make sense of the bones, another community had no doubt about how to interpret the results.
Its bones were found along with stone tools, suggesting that it made good use of its scant grey matter.
After slicing the block into six slabs, he discovered the fossilised bones of an animal within.
But when placed under genetic scrutiny, the bones tell a different tale.
The bones of our ancestors do not speak across time with ultimate clarity.
It would also be possible to correct the shapes of the bones, which often get distorted during their eons in the ground.
Insects do the same thing, but their wings have no bones inside them.
The purpose of all that focused power is brutally obvious: to break bones and rupture tissue.
Apparently they were fishermen: the site is littered with catfish bones.
Get enough of it and it ensures strong bones and teeth.
With so many chocolate calcium supplements out there, it's easy to have your treat and build your bones too.
A-Osteoporosis is a loss of calcium in the bone, which leads to decreased strength and density in the bones.
The bones of the body come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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