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Streamlined and strong-boned, they're proficient submariners.
They moved restively, as flighty and fine-boned as caged birds.
Tee-boned at a crossing, they would be instant spam in a can.
Its heavily boned skeleton would have acted as ballast, much as a weight belt serves the same purpose for a diver.
When leg is to be used, it should be boned at market.
He gesticulates with his fingers, which are long-boned and nearly translucent with age.
Her light, wide-spaced eyes are set in a finely boned face framed by sandy hair.
Boned stuffed chicken with straw potatoes, carrots, and asparagus.
Among the back-boned vertebrates, there are only four groups that can sense infrared radiation.
Langridge's study is further evidence that the intelligence of cuttlefish and their kin is a match for many back-boned animals.
Others placed it within the chordates, the group that includes us and all other back-boned animals.
Try the roasted whole boned salmon with a fennel stuffing.
In the last few years, though, partly boned quail have started turning up at butcher shops and even in supermarkets.
Laying the hide back with the hair on the ground can give you another clean surface to place boned meat.
All hot-boned muscles were placed in polyethylene bags.
Imagine, then, that our perfectly designed wings would lift our hollow-boned frames up and through the atmosphere.
It can be boned away for stew meat, burger or sausage.
Portions of the shoulder not suitable for roasts and foreshank may be boned for ground meat.
His complexion is parchment yellow, his face long and delicately boned, his nose more finely bridged.
The recipient may accept field dressed deer, skinned and boned deer, or wrapped and frozen deer meat.
Or season the boned and skinned fillets and microwave them for roughly three minutes per side.
Burros in this area are typically grey in color and fairly fine-boned.
The burros found here are typically grey in color and are fairly fine boned.
Bone fragments and physical contaminants in de-boned poultry must be removed to ensure consumer safety.
Bring back only boned out meat and thoroughly cleaned skull plates and antlers.

Famous quotes containing the word boned

Felix Randal the farrier, O he is dead then? My duty all is ended, Who have watched his mould of man, big-bonedmore
Why, why, why was I born an Englishman!—my cursed, rotten- boned, pappy-hearted countrymen, why was I sen... more
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