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It is great that you have a good bonding with your chickens.
So prominent breasts aren't necessary for frontal mating, and frontal mating isn't needed for pair-bonding.
People seem to accept the idea of licensing and bonding of plumbers and other skilled trades without qualm.
The team's previous research ruled out two other possible forms of adhesion: suction and chemical bonding.
But they're also far more complicated, subject to all the laws of bonding that limit the ways atoms and molecules can be arranged.
Oxytocin is a hormone that promotes a feeling of connection, bonding.
Expeditions such as this are great bonding experiences.
It had solidified into a smooth, slippery white powder as the result of its molecules bonding, a process known as polymerization.
The gene encodes a receptor for the hormone oxytocin, renowned for its ability to promote social bonding.
Being able to play games with my dad is a real bonding activity for us.
They're also a favored medium for tribal bonding, a social lubricant.
In the kind of bonding experience that's essential to every start-up, the skeleton crew began packing groceries.
The chemical often referred to as the bonding hormone has already been shown to affect the social skills of people with autism.
Sometimes the requirement of bonding is more than they have the emotional equipment to give.
Throughout history, smoking a hookah exemplified bonding and mutual understanding.
But that requires bonding four cable channels together to provide enough capacity.
They must overcome the vagaries of temperature and the intractability of bonding.
Linguistic nationalism seems to be as natural as kin bonding.
The first step is to take existing elements and promote bonding to create the desired compound.
As a result, millions of the hydrogen-bonding molecules connect with each other, gluing the two polymer pieces together.
The researchers also need to find a way to get better bonding between the aluminum oxide and the polymer.
Doing so requires using more channels in the cable stream and bonding them into one ultra-fat pipe.
The bonding is even more intense and the freezing point even lower.
And the result of all this extra bonding is that the larger group, and hence the individuals within it, flourishes.
The exact shape of such base pairs would depend upon where the atoms available for hydrogen bonding were located on each base.
The technology is considered more efficient and more reliable than traditional bonding methods, which employ metal wire.
To think otherwise is to ignore our evolutionary past and the history of long-term pair bonding in our species.
The result is relaxing treatments combined with opportunities for bonding and laughing.
Road trips with kids can be a delightful time for family bonding, or they can be a nightmare on wheels.
As it turns out, gossip serves a useful social function in bonding group members together.
We then feel closer to our partner and long-term bonding ensues.
The idea is basically this: oxytocin has a lot to do with social bonding and social behavior.
It's fake bonding, parents can't recognize their newborns until they get to know them.
Bonding with others is the fast track to happiness, experts say.
Biochemists turn to mussels for a real bonding experience.
Oxytocin, a hormone that is produced by the brain, plays a role in a wide variety of human interactions that involve bonding.
Humor is crafted to exploit a form of instinctive social bonding.
One theory is that music promoted group bonding when people danced together, and that in turn promoted the survival of groups.
It is as though there was never any bonding with my parents or my children.
It's survivable hardship that is the catalyst for bonding.
It may have evolved for maintaining fidelity in pair-bonding.
Some scientists postulate it serves a role in establishing dominance among animals, and may be have to do with social bonding.
Infanticide is probably not a good explanation for pair-bonding.
But the temperature and pressure conditions are such that the chemical bonding to make a more complex molecule cannot happen.
On the other hand, that bonding could make their deaths even more painful.
Additional information on bonding requirements is provided in the license application packet.
Plan administrators will need to modify the example to omit bonding or other information that is not applicable to their plan.
Families appreciate the outdoor activity and bonding experience.
The pursuit turns into a brilliant comedy of violence and bonding moment.

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