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And there are haughty bonded warehouses filled with fine liquors.
Neither was particularly taken with the pleasantries of academe, and they bonded over their outré status.
The unsuccessful candidate would probably rather hear it from you than from someone else because you bonded with them.
Further complicating these interrelationships are the myriad income sources against which construction is bonded or direct-funded.
It's authentic from the source, and then tested and approved by our bonded graduate chemist for your double guarantee.
Before reading beyond this point, please have yourself bonded.
She bonded primarily with the camera, and her professional conduct was unreliable from the start.
Licensed, insured and bonded all-in-one solar panels service provider.
So they look a bunch of monkeys that had been pair bonded for four months with their chosen lady.
Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.
It is under this guise only that the product has been bonded for universal export.
As they became more skillful and more closely bonded, their chances of survival would improve.
To his delight, he found that they bonded quickly in helpful ways.
To operate normally, proteins must stay in solution, bonded to water molecules.
But she also bonded with her subjects and could not bear invasive research.
Once bonded, the antibodies make the cocaine molecules too large to slip through the tight blood-brain barrier.
Finally, on each side of the tread, an additional layer of rubber is bonded to the plies to form the sidewall.
It replaces stamped steel with a composite monocoque bonded to a tubular steel frame and plastic bodywork.
They have bonded, physically and emotionally, with their environment.
In the meantime, the common goal of striding ever faster has bonded the athletes.
They have bonded deeply with the president over the past four years on everything from stem-cell research to the war on terror.
Instead, the suit is bonded together using ultrasonic welding.
The apparent bone of contention: the amount of water bonded to the rival drug's molecules.
Early cases involved human-rights issues, such as bonded labour.
Marriage is the civil term for state recognition of a bonded couple.
The lipid in turn holds a layer of chelated gadolinium, a metal chemically bonded to organic molecules to render it nontoxic.
In chemical storage, hydrogen is bonded to the molecules in a solid material such as ammonia borane.
The spheres are then bonded to an electrode on a flexible foil substrate via a hole at the bottom of the reflector.
Internally emitted light is confined by total internal reflection to exit the narrow edges covered with bonded solar cells.
But they bonded with skill that couldn't be learned.
Rats that were tickled bonded with the researchers and became rapidly conditioned to seek tickles.
We were strangers in the cafeteria line but we'd bonded over the crispy breakfast food.
And it failed to run a test to see if the cement had bonded properly.
The stretchy soft shell fabric is wind-resistant and exceptionally breathable, with bonded fleece for extra warmth.
We are a big family, each one has lots of sons, and that has bonded us giving us the strength to keep going.
Yet as unrelated cubs they bonded shortly after greeting one another.
They bonded immediately, not only playing but eventually living together with two teammates.

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