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The state's oil boom is no guaranteed bonanza for higher education.
The bonanza came at a cost to forests and wildlife, though.
But what made the whole thing such a bonanza for the humpbacks was the absence of sea ice.
Car companies that didn't cash in on the preceding bonanza are now focusing on putting money into their testing facilities.
Of course, rising market prices for oil could overcome the cost of regulation and set off a drilling bonanza.
The past three seasons have brought a bonanza of discoveries.
One industry's expense is another industry's sales bonanza.
There are simpler explanations for the executives' bonanza.
The project could be a bonanza for oyster harvesters.
Fossil fuels are an amazing bonanza of relatively portable and inexpensive energy.
Already, dozens of startups are positioning themselves for this bonanza.
Clearly they are a bonanza for consumers, who have been eagerly funneling spare cash into them.
And that's only the beginning of the taxpayers' bonanza in the sale of our valuable thin air.
But this may not provide reactor vendors with a bonanza.
The result was a bonanza for the management-consulting industry.
But they represent a bonanza to small biotechnology firms.
The commodity bonanza won't last forever, so now is the time to fix these things.
The other part of the program might be even more of a bonanza.
Now, fruit fly researchers have a similar bonanza on their hands.
Such a material could be a bonanza for medicine, too.
Current exploitation of guano has sad parallels with the past bonanza.
The money from the bonanza should go on infrastructure and other long-term investment.
Last year's bonanza replenished stocks, which stood at a seven-year high at the beginning of the year.
As the demand for oil surges, companies push farther under the ocean, finding a bonanza of crude far beneath the ocean.
The bonanza is so obvious that inventors have dreamed of harnessing ocean waves for more than two centuries.
The university's bonanza will eventually come to an end.
In the short term, this bonanza aims simply to create jobs.
In the end, of course, these technologies created a bonanza for show business.
Jewelers abhor diamond impurities, but they are a bonanza for scientists.
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