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Incidentally, it also would be the rhetoric of a bomber.
Every time you detain someone at a checkpoint, another bomber is born.
Of course they rush this equipment into use to prevent terror after staging the crotch bomber case.
At the same time, the suicide bomber walked in and began shooting.
Suicide bomber blows up complimentary breakfast buffet.
Beginners and advanced riders will instantly find that this all mountain bomber will launch you to new levels.
The bomber boards his or her plane and the accomplices continue on their way.
We had a shoe bomber, so ever since then we've been taking off our shoes.
Once the bomber admirals are dead, the clamor for a new bomber will die out, too.
The second suicide bomber survived and ran down to the nearby river, where he was killed.
She is dressed in a bomber jacket and looking radiantly happy-as if she were made of light.
And the job of bomber comes with established cash bonuses and health benefits for the surviving family.
The bomber is not a suspect, he is an enemy soldier or enemy combatant.

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