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Whereas, if a refinery or conventional power plant is bombed, gigawatts of power production could be permanently knocked off line.
At one time it even tried its glaze on chicken breasts, which bombed.
The birds learned to identify an aggressive researcher and ignore the others-and eventually they dive-bombed the malefactor.
Anyone who has flubbed a presentation or bombed an easy test knows the heartbreak of the choke.
At first, they bombed only military and industrial targets.
And worse: bombing proved to be lethal not only to the bombed but to the bombers.
And the day before that an electricity tower had been bombed, knocking out power in the region.
One offered a video, shot with a mobile phone, that showed a house that had been bombed somewhere in the city.
They haven't bombed each other's cities, killed a lot of civilians.
Carrier aircraft and surface ships shelled and bombed the island for nine days prior to the landings.

Famous quotes containing the word bombed

Zhivago: It seems you bombed the wrong village. Strelnikov: They always say that. And what does it matter? ... more
I'm glad we've been bombed. It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face.... more
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