bombastic in a sentence

Example sentences for bombastic

They are quite traditionally liberal in their views--optimistic and indeed bombastic in their beliefs.
When her narrators are bombastic, they are usually winningly bombastic.
You are correct that my analogy was a little too bombastic.
But since this explanation was never fully explored earlier, it sounds bombastic and out-of-place here.
The poems are inflated by bombastic phrasing and breathless adolescent emotions.
The overblown effects feel bombastic rather than spellbinding.
Her papers are terrible: sometimes empty, sometimes hopelessly, unnecessarily bombastic or complex.
After a bombastic defense secretary, we now have a candid one.
The album concludes with five bombastic power ballads in a row.
He was emotional and provided nifty sound bites and bombastic remarks.
The predictably bombastic response from the largely left-leaning geologist profession is really getting old.
In their place rise vast bombastic structures, architects' and politicians' self-indulgences with no civic context.
There were bombastic speeches by party members defying their leaders' orders on which way to vote.
No time is wasted on unnecessary frills or bombastic interpretations.

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What has a writer to be bombastic about? Whatever good a man may write is the consequence of accident, luck... more
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