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Example sentences for bombast

And during that decade, no bluster or bombast was necessary.
Outsiders face a mix of bombast about these new business lines and wobbliness.
The hype that afflicts the software industry is nothing, compared with biotech's bombast.
He delivers his stories with self-mythologising bombast.
Along with the bombast was some truly original and prescient thinking.
While less talented colleagues captured attention through bombast and irony, he kept a low profile.
Good, balanced coverage,admirably free of prolixity and bombast.
It is easy to dismiss the subject with glib gibes or to enshrine it in sentimental bombast.
They resolved to make the move with plenty of bombast and the help of customers and friends.
Ultimately, all the philosophical bombast is outweighed by generous helpings of mind-blown comedy.
Communist troops as a bunch of silly automatons, it also shows the power of music to cut through their ideological bombast.
But he is otherwise unadorned by bombast or celebratory flashiness.
Too many sentences float between cliché and bombast.
In a typical display of tactical bombast, she initially refused to recognize the results and filed a protest in court.
Some is justified, much is fundraising bombast and hollow rhetoric.
Their robust strength of nature preserved them from sentimentality, if not from bombast and buffoonery.
Out of sentences of maudlin bombast these words shine with a bale ful light.

Famous quotes containing the word bombast

How now, my sweet creature of bombast, how long is't ago, Jack, since thou sawest thine own knee?... more
After ages of bombast, the rhetoric of virtue has become ironic and shy.... more
'Tis not such lines as almost crack the stage When Bajazet begins to rage; Nor a tall met'phor in the bombastmore
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