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Eighteen shells were fired, and the rebels were warned that the bombardment would become more intense.
It was the time of intense cold, of the bombardment, of epidemics and of famine.
Two days of regular siege and bombardment reduced the garrison to extremities.
The group's large, comfortable headquarters came under aerial bombardment.
For the crew of a destroyer, shore bombardment is an intimate affair.
To them the bombardment was as ordinary as going to an office.
They would then anchor to become steady gun platforms for the shore bombardment.
On board one of the battleships was an official photographer who recorded pictures during the bombardment.
And the ideological bombardment they are now subjected to no longer helps them accept matters as they are.
Admittedly, the bombardment of facts may overwhelm some readers.
It involves the bombardment of seed genomes with metal particles coated with desired nutrient-boosting genes.
But that doesn't negate his talent for mixing philosophical heft with orbital bombardment.
Today there is a dense fog, and the bombardment is not so heavy.
Um, by way of less harmful and even beneficial organic ejecta during the late heavy bombardment, for example.
But laboratory tests recreating this searing bombardment failed to produce high enough levels of methane.
Sometimes it takes millions of collisions and several weeks of bombardment to create one atom of the new element.
Even well-insulated electroscopes will gradually lose charge due to the bombardment of external radiation.
These are what replenishes the moons icy surface, covering the scars of meteorite bombardment.
The problem has to do with bombardment by cosmic rays.
The colonel's aerial and tank bombardment was slowing, if not stopping, the advance.
Piers have to cope with incessant bombardment from the sea, and the hazards of fire, neglect and collisions with shipping.
They suffered heavy losses, both from a minefield and from artillery bombardment.
Not long ago such affairs were subdued, forced indoors by the fear of aerial bombardment.
There is no doubt, however, that the bombardment has hammered the civilian infrastructure.
According to sources, no violence or bombardment has accompanied the army's progress in the city.
Each impact would have sterilized the surface, yet evidence shows life survived the bombardment.
The discovery supports the idea that asteroid bombardment four billion years ago may have jump-started the emergence of life.
It's been hopelessly battered from billions of years of bombardment from asteroids and comets.
Craters are everywhere, indicating a fierce history of meteoric bombardment.
Human shield is where you hide in houses etc behind the civilians that would be killed in a bombardment.
Lawyers' sense of humor may be exponentially degraded by intense bombardment from lawyer jokes.

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