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All year long, from every direction, surveys bombard students.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
Bombard a tiny object with electrons, and you can create a large image with the focused beam.
To make atoms heavier than that, physicists must bombard uranium with neutrons, or squash smaller atoms together.
Interactions between elements and cosmic rays, which constantly bombard all planets, produce these gamma rays and neutrons.
They stand for about a minute as entangled photons bombard their skin with the photoelectric effect.
Yet instead of engaging with the public, national political leaders have chosen to bombard them with cheap slogans.
Neutrons from the solar wind continually bombard the moon.
They will know precisely what kind of advertising, coupons and junk mail to bombard users with.
Pressure surges bombard the sensitive nerve endings that normally transmit information about the body's position to the brain.
Probably, they will bombard production facilities in some foreign economies.
So many images bombard your retinas that none of them makes much of an impression.
Visitors are to stay attuned to the mourners' feelings and not bombard them with remarks.
They may bombard you with popup warnings that you can't shake until you agree to pay the money.
Too bad battery watches bombard us with cell-mutating, electromagnetic energy.
They bombard our airwaves with negative ads with no punishment for lies.
But a new generation of cameras are set to appear that not only record terahertz waves but also bombard us with them.
They provide him with a hideaway to work in and bombard him with music questions about earthly culture and history.
One way to make a radioisotope is to bombard atoms with a stream of neutrons.
Low-energy beta particles emitted by the tritium bombard the phosphor, causing it to glow.
In this process, pulses of infrared light bombard kernels inside a chamber.

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