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Cheap light sensors can detonate a bomb in a dark room when a door is opened.
But you also don't want to wait until they're about to detonate a bomb.
For decades it waited for a bomb that never dropped.
Students who did do the work and bomb need more practice while students who didn't do the work and bomb also need more practice.
The same place that gave the world the atomic bomb has now found a way to ferret out illicit nuclear material.
They then made it look as if they had killed him in an exchange of gunfire as he was digging a hole for a roadside bomb.
One bomb could knock out power distribution that the country would have come to rely on heavily.
The van was towed away for further checks by the bomb squad.
Customs inspectors may have simply missed a smuggled bomb or batch of missiles.
We were herded into an abandoned bicycle factory, and attached was a time bomb.
There's already been trouble, if you count the bomb that went off earlier today.
Those who dared speak out were usually silenced with a car bomb or a hail of bullets.
Anyway you look at it, strapping a bomb to your back and blowing up hundreds of civilians amounts to war.
Treat the statement as a time bomb waiting to explode your chances.
He then turned around and argued against the development of the hydrogen bomb.
The dense smoke is from fires in her uptakes, caused by a bomb that punctured them and knocked out her boilers.
The invention and use of the atomic bomb weighed heavily on the minds of nuclear scientists.
In neither case is that enough for a proper atom bomb, but it is still worrying.
But for would-be bomb-builders, making the fuel is by far the hardest part.
It also refuses to answer questions about experiments and design work that have little purpose other than bomb-building.
The plane's mission: to drop a wooden bomb on one of the fake factories.
Bomb-sniffing dogs may be next in line to lose their job to machines.
Because you could as easily fake that there is a bomb.
If a country wants to keep a nuclear bomb test secret, it'll probably do it deep underground.
But even if you bury the bomb, some clues will reach the surface.
Now the winner has come with a box, which could contain anything from a peace offering to a bomb.
New technology may make it easier to find explosives and bomb makers long before they can trigger a deadly roadside bomb.
That's right: your seemingly harmless printer, sitting innocuously beside your desk, was a ticking time bomb.
So mining them doesn't remove the ticking time bomb.
His idea: a blade of water that slices through the bomb instantly and precisely.
There is no bomb grade uranium produced nor plutonium.
Bomb threats are usually received by telephone, but may also br received by note, letter or e-mail.
If you receive a bomb threat, your must take action.
We woke up the next morning before first light, and the windows were already shaking from bomb blasts.
But it was he who turned out to be the ticking bomb.
He nodded for me to enter the safe, which was the size of a small room and could have been a bomb shelter.
Your muscles deaden, you lose control of bodily fluids, and you feel as if a bomb has exploded your entrails.
Bomb squads have long used metal detectors, x-ray machines, and dogs to uncover threats.
Before explaining how to take a nuclear bomb apart, it's necessary to explain how one works.
If they have fissile material, they can make a crude bomb based on public domain information.
Now, they have another trick at their disposal, and this one involves an atom bomb.
Finally, after sale, no advance review copies were sent out: the bomb was to explode all at once.
Teller made the decision to build a hydrogen bomb or a safe reactor and then left the details to others.

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