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In science, one should always be extremely skeptical of claims which bolster the ideology of the person making the claim.
New numbers bolster the claim that records became a lot more popular last year.
Only a few handfuls got quickly added to bolster the numbers.
He pledged to remodel stores, improve customer service and bolster inventory.
He actually accused me of lying to bolster a law suit.
The Alabama college had hoped that its move to less-costly ranks would erase its financial problems and bolster enrollment.
Tyco plans plant closings to bolster its shares .
This new study seems to bolster that view.
Democrats weigh options to bolster stem cell research.
Not incidentally, it will also bolster her chances of ascending to greater power.
His bed was ordinarily the ground, or he slept sitting, and used for his bolster a piece of wood or a stone.
During the debate about whether to go to war, each side selectively used various postwar possibilities to bolster its case.
His scholarly credentials help bolster his credibility in any historical debate.
Those programs are widely popular, and their graduates bolster the local economy by filling open jobs.
And these bolster the perceived strength of potential performance as a grantee.
It can be practiced without the bolster below the hips.
Learning more about rogue waves, the researchers said, could help ship designers bolster the seaworthiness of their crafts.
The past few years have seen signs that the party wants to use nationalist sentiment to bolster its legitimacy.
It lies in what local governments and aid agencies have done to bolster people's resilience to it.
The simplest way to bolster this is to convert state preference shares into common equity.
But the pattern is clear: riots tend to bolster the right.
Using slander is really not an intelligent way to bolster your own argument.
He should press rulers to bolster their regimes by reform rather than violence.
The move could bolster the power and authority of the government-in-exile.
Churches bolster jobless families out of work, not spirit.
Later, the scientists offered brain scans and more bones to bolster their case.
The foundation science rests on is arguably made of facts, the purpose is to bolster the foundation.
To argue that his reputation absolves him of the charge doesn't bolster the case.
People do a biased reading of scientific literature to bolster their views, in this case racism.
The nonstop name-calling does nothing to bolster your point.
But acknowledging this does nothing to bolster the robustness of our existing research on vaccines and autism.
It's no secret that money tends to bolster the emotional dysfunction that exists in all families.
The provincial elections due to be held by the end of the year could help bolster their position.
New study results bolster the controversial hypothesis that certain cases of obesity are contagious.
Fortunately, a number of training methods can bolster self-control.
Nevertheless, our personal efforts to bolster cognitive enhancement cannot forestall all declines in our cognitive performance.
There are so many people out there who are unable to keep from trying to bolster their self esteem by putting someone else down.
Researchers say the finding may explain why marketers are able to bolster sagging sales by simply repackaging old products.
Officials have been considering ways to help bolster the area's seal population.
Now she has a chance to bolster science and its connection to policy-making at the highest level.
And it would seem that mounting evidence of the links between emotional and physical well-being would bolster that view.
Pursuing common-sense, collaborative communications solutions to bolster innovative, breakthrough conservation.
Nationwide fuel waiver issued to bolster fuel supplies.
Truck with cast steel pedestal side frame, short wheel base, and no bolster.

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