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Example sentences for boldly

To boldly go where no one has gone before, one group of scientists didn't have to venture into space.
They line their pockets first, boldly above everyone else.
We want you to help us go boldly where few have gone before, into your bedroom.
She had an enormous sky-blue car, which she drove perhaps too boldly, though generally speaking she wasn't a bad driver.
You'll find boldly colored accents, such as a bed bench upholstered in deep purple fabric and olive, crushed-velvet chairs.
Armed with it he might boldly confront the dreadful spectres that would cross his path on his adventurous journey.
It's a big, bright and flamboyant one, boldly made despite the fact that everything about it is so desperately wrong.
Audiences seem energized by the programming, which boldly mixes old and new, familiar and unfamiliar works.
As the weaker publications struggle, though, the strongest ones are expanding boldly into new platforms and products.
Humanity, some will argue, is driven by a yearning to boldly go to places far beyond its crowded corner of the universe.
She also took charge of managing his public image, sometimes boldly adjusting the record to suit her story.
Fuel prices are higher after the government boldly scrapped subsidies on petrol and diesel.
Yet he was reelected because he boldly confronted the challenges of the day instead of worrying about future election prospects.
In fact, he boldly owned it, the only proper thing to do.

Famous quotes containing the word boldly

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