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We reduced the boiling water to a simmer and began adding the ingredients.
It's annoying and disappointing, but it doesn't affect me in that visceral, blood-boiling way that it affects others.
They are feisty creatures and will attempt to escape from a boiling pot onto your kitchen floor given the chance.
The pot of water is put on the fire, and the husks are added to the boiling water.
The animal matter is converted by boiling into gelatin.
The hydrothermal vents spew a toxic brew of boiling water, sulfur, and metal compounds.
Some species even live near the boiling vents of underwater volcanoes.
Boiling water to make coffee or tea helped decrease the incidence of disease among workers in crowded cities.
Traditional methods of testing chemical residues require crushing or boiling vessel fragments.
If time allows, drive up the canyon, where a footbridge offers a white-knuckled view directly above boiling rapids.
Lacking electricity, almost every household in the region depends on charcoal for boiling water and cooking.
Her anger kept boiling over, however, and eventually the fits of rage came every day.
The filtered sediment then undergoes a secondary boiling, whisking, and filtering.
Changes of state involve a solid melting, a liquid freezing, a liquid boiling or a gas condensing.
Phase change boundaries of melting, boiling, etc are shown as surfaces between the volumes.
Even witches appreciate what they bring to a boiling cauldron.
One of the problems with boiling veggies is that the nutrients leech out into the water.
He always made it with water that was practically boiling.
Crude oil contains only a small amount of boiling cuts suitable for lube oil.
The cooling water injected into the reactor cores is being heated to boiling point, so workers must continually replenish it.
Boiling hot acid rain pours down on the barren land for millions of years, slowly forming bubbling oceans and seas.
When it reached its boiling point, it will condense.
Or, then again, maybe they'll train you to jump into a boiling pot of water for their dinner all by yourself.
Instead of water, the torture was sometimes conducted with boiling water or vinegar.
Place the cauliflower into a steamer basket fitted over a pot of boiling water.
Specific burners for boiling, simmering and warming.
After condensing and boiling the sap, the syrup is bottled before selling.
Be sure to disinfect these with alcohol or boiling water after use.
Submerge the lobster in the boiling water, then return the water to a boil.
If the water temperature is close to the boiling point, it is close to evaporating anyway.
Yet unlike the boiling-water method, no messy mechanical processes are involved.
The whole thing then had to be heated up to boiling point again before the cycle could be repeated.
Recently, however, it has been discovered that they also have different boiling points.
The regulator has helped itself by boiling it down to a fairly straightforward failure of disclosure.
Although central authority appears strong, at the local level public anger is boiling.
To make it, get a pot of salted boiling water ready for the pasta.
Add half of gnocchi to a pasta pot of well-salted boiling water and stir.
But whenever you find yourself boiling something, give the water a taste.
Add vermouth and mustard and deglaze by boiling, stirring and scraping up brown bits, until reduced by half.
The cooking process had to start with braising or boiling on a stovetop before the cooking could continue slowly in the hay box.
Add vinegar to skillet and deglaze, boiling and scraping up brown bits with a wooden spoon until liquid is reduced by half.
Astronomers have found what appears to be a planet literally boiling away from the blast-furnace heat of its star.
No one ever discusses the possibility of boiling inside the spaceship except when going through atmosphere.
Boiling point increases with depth given hydrostatic pressure.
About one tablespoon of salt to four quarts of boiling water will do the trick.
He could still feel the warmth inside the shop, the steam from vats of boiling bagels radiating heat.
Pour boiling water over lavender buds and let it steep, then use the cooled water to make delicately flavored lavender lemonade.
Boiling the mixture produces a brownish liquid that, when injected, produces a potent high.
The proper way with tea, of course, is to infuse the leaves in boiling water until it reaches the desired strength.
While fish cook, blanch broccoli florets in boiling water until brighter in color about one minute.
Giving people an alternative to boiling water to purify it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Others, to avoid drying them out, would cook ribs in boiling water.
The addition of any non-volatile soluble substance increases the boiling point of water.
If the substance is also volatile too, it contributes to the boiling point according to well known laws.
He placed the beaker with the boiling water in ice cold water.
How do you determine the boiling point of a chemical.
The boiling point of water is the temperature at which its vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure.
Boiling will remove some, but not all, of the salt from the cured foods.
Boiling did not consistently decrease calcium, boron and copper levels.
There was no difference between the leaching plus boiling and boiling alone.
In transient boiling, boiling initiates at a single point following the step increase in power, and then spreads over the surface.
Typical periodic tables will not report the boiling points.
As for boiling water, if you keep conditions the same, the hot water will also come to a boil faster than the cold water.

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