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For the gardener who has a moist location, suitable for a bog or swamp garden, many native plants are available.
Most of the other plants that grow in the taiga must adapt to living in the wet climate of the swamp, also known as a bog.
Contacting all those servers can bog down a network.
On the site, he applied to build a golf course and shops-some of them over the bog.
When transplanted out of their native bog they usually did not live more than a year or two.
The power slide switch seems awfully fragile and setup and registration of the eReaders can bog down.
The disease is mired in a bog of misconception and prejudice, doctors say.
Avoid the urge to go through the text page by page--it'll bog down and they'll be bored.
In parliament itself, there is little consensus over how to pull the country out of its economic bog.
It's a bog standard subscription service by another name.
Down in a bog below a dirt road, there's some movement.
The places that aren't lake are either peat bog or hills of granite.
They slosh out into a bog, and with inexplicable simultaneity, begin applauding wildly.
Earlier this year they had an abrupt and lethal lesson on the dangers of peat-bog fires.
Our bog-standard state school had interactive projectors and white boards in every room.
Loan guarantee subsidy would bog our energy system problem-solving down.
Dozens of plumes from forest and peat bog fires can be seen scattered everywhere.
The conversation would bog down, stall and then move on to other topics.
The daily bog of scheduled events and planned demonstrations is unreliable.
If you want to get into the bog, ask five fools the way to the wood.
Visitors can see a rescued fire tower on site, relax by the pond and see the native plants around the bog garden.
They do install advertising spyware on your computer and bog it down.
There is peat bog, or muskeg, dangerous if you take a misstep and fall into a muskeg hole.
They will head out to the bog and, if the plane comes in, take over manual control and land it.
Sign up for an overnight paddling excursion through the evergreen bog lands, cypress forests, and reptile habitats.
We have a really long drive way and is a complete mud bog.
The pine barren's frog, northern bog lemming, golden-crowned kinglet and lynx are adapted to living in the acidic habitat.
Other bog turtle wetlands have been overgrown with woody shrubs, small trees, and invasive plants.

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