bodyguard in a sentence

Example sentences for bodyguard

The grub grows by eating the caterpillar but it cannot consume the ladybird entirely or the would-be bodyguard would die.
The bodyguard looked concerned-a little panicky, even.
He was allegedly implicated in tapes secretly made by his bodyguard, although he insists they were doctored.
He hired a bodyguard, but was defenceless on the day he was murdered.
Lawyers showered his traitorous bodyguard with rose petals.
He entered the park, flanked by a cameraman and a bodyguard, and worked his way down the narrow path to its center.
He befriended the bodyguard, offering him something to drink.
And his constant companion, a hulking bodyguard, is an unobtrusive but quietly menacing presence.
The driver has a glazed look as a bodyguard tries to wave away pursuing paparazzi.

Famous quotes containing the word bodyguard

Mr. Clinton better watch out if he comes down here. He'd better have a bodyguard.... more
A blond in a red dress can do without introductions—but not without a bodyguard.... more
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