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How specialised cells derived from embryonic stem cells will behave in the human body is a further uncertainty.
Body temperature also varies slightly depending on where on the human body it is measured.
Cancer is a disease that begins as a renegade human cell over which the body has lost control.
Why the instinct to clutch a wounded part of the body helps to relieve discomfort.
Take a virtual trip inside the human body at a cellular level to see how blood vessels grow to feed tumors.
Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human.
Nor was the body count limited to human beings and the animals they eat.
The legs on a walking human body act not unlike inverted pendulums.
Watch how the human body performs amazing feats every day.
As medicine advanced, physicians were expected to have a systematic understanding of the human body's inner workings.
Fever is an elevated temperature of the human body that is substantially beyond the normal range.
Designers of prosthetics and artificial organs have for a long time tried to replicate the human body.
What it means is that, if you flip around the textbook picture of the inside of a human body, you'd have her body.
Narcolepsy may be caused by the body attacking part of the brain.
The oddly oxymoronic effects of steroids on the human body.
Anyone who has ever seen a professional basketball game is surely aware of the broad range of adult human body sizes.
Split down the middle, a skinless human cadaver offers an eye on the body's inner workings.
Body is among coffee's key attributes, and absolutely central to espresso.
The hardest substance in the human body is the white enamel of the teeth.
There is no deeper, darker part of the body than the interior of our bones.
The human body can be amazingly resilient: wounds heal, bones mend, ligaments grow back together.
After several years of development, swallowable wireless sensors are now ready to begin monitoring the human body.
Some are designing multiple versions of a garment to fit different body shapes.
The idea of building body parts on a scaffold made of collagen by using a patient's own cells is not new.
The body louse, a plague to humans and our ancestors for millions of years, subsists exclusively on our unwitting hospitality.
Paleontologists may have even found gut contents still inside the body of a tyrannosaur.
The better your immune system, apparently, the harder your body fights this allergen.
Army didn't bother to properly test five million body armor plates that were supposed to protect soldiers on the battlefield.
If necessary, use your own body heat to aid the warming.
The trick was to target their pain areas, and not the whole body or brain.
The digestive system is the series of tubelike organs that convert our meals into body fuel.
The body temperatures of mosasaurs, on the other hand, did appear to be influenced by the surrounding water.
Researchers have unearthed a new way to find a buried body.
Colleges and universities know that the composition of the nation's student body is headed for a major change.
Not surprisingly, bog body research has taken wildly wrong turns.
Suggestions have been made that the complete replacement of all body parts with more youthful components could increase longevity.
As the moth sucks up the nutrient-rich nectar from the orchid, packets of pollen stick to its body.
One is that people employ it to mask body odours that they perceive as bad.
Nephrons are tiny tubes that filter the blood plasma, adjust and then return optimized fluid to the body.
The placement of the body is said to signify honor and bring the dead closer to heaven.
Or chase away the cold with an all-natural body wrap.
Drugs have been smuggled in body cavities for years.
The resulting pictures let the path taken by each nerve cell to be traced through the worm's body.
Septicemic plague, which spreads in the bloodstream, comes either via fleas or from contact with plague-infected body matter.
Anatomy is the sub-discipline of biology that studies the structure of the body.
Then, she would pathetically press her little golden body against the chicken wire.
If shopping for clothes is not your idea of fun, you may want to head to a body scanner near you.
Every waking moment his muscles flex out of his control, twisting his body into unusual positions.
Menacing body posture can be as threatening as a frightening facial expression, according to new research.
His distraught family pricked the limp body of their firstborn with needles to try to stimulate a response.
Field paleontologists drill under a mummified dinosaur's ten-ton body block, now separated from its tail.
Pull body up off broad back shell by prying off shell from the rear end.
Students learn that animals undergo adaptations-changes to body parts and behaviors-that help them survive.
As if our kids don't already have enough problems with body image.
After the first frost, they retreat to their underground burrows and snooze until spring, drawing their sustenance from body fat.
As it is now carved it is not portioned to the body.
Farm-fresh eggs from pastured hens taste great and are a boon to your body.
More light in the morning would advance the body clock, and that would be good.
And execution victims tended to be various ages and body types.
Maybe that's because the role arthropods play in the breakdown of a dinosaur body has only been relatively recently appreciated.
They showed where they hid some of his stuff and where the body had been dumped.
Each artist produced radically different renditions all without body hair.
And hypodermic needles do not even deliver vaccines to the best place in the body.
But they did not want a body that would usurp the role of ministers or the civil service.
Depending on your discipline, you might look at your accrediting body to see if they have suggested outcomes.
The body is freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen, then vibrated so that it dissolves into a fine powder.
OP, your subject line and your body of your message don't quite match.
The intense internal heat generated by his sort of yoga was meant to purify and cleanse the body.
Texture and other qualities are not similar for all types of body hair.
It establishes a new relationship between the body politic and the public.
When several great whites congregate, their dominance is expressed with body bumps and controlled biting.
They may linger near a dead body for days and partially bury it.
Keeping with the flow, speaking one's mind makes for a healthy mind and body.
But any notion that body armor and medicine have somehow made this war safe is unfounded.
When he awoke his body had broken the fever and defended itself.
Most of the bacteria on your jeans probably started off on your own body.
Now researchers have found that further raising levels of the stress hormones in the body can actually reduce a phobic's anxiety.
At the same time they would genetically alter the cells to prevent rejection by the body.
Many people are concerned with changes in their body shape as they age.
Medical science is always learning more about how much a body can take.
The goal is to fool the body into believing that it's alive and well, even as everything is falling apart.
The double-cutaway, beveled-edge body allows comfortable access to the upper frets.
No one can tell me what the species of bacteria living on my body, hundreds of species, are doing.
Inside one of the inner rooms a tray held a body, faceup.
Preserved by the dry desert environment, such works make up the richest body of portraiture to have survived antiquity.
Some females had not yet reached fully mature body size when they started laying eggs.
Instead, they placed the body into a wooden coffin and transported it to a small cave at the height of a cliff.
Melatonin is what is released in your body when you get sleepy.
They take on a completely empty look that challenges the image of the big muscular superhero body.
By law, no official inquest could be held without a body.
Mail clerks raised money to have his body preserved by taxidermy.
The body was divided up neatly into organs and systems that each had well-defined tasks.
And once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves, it has no choice but to turn its full attention to fat.
We might have safer conveyances even if they weigh the same by moving much of the body weight into protection.
After a harrowing journey through the patient's body, the scientists succeed: the clot is destroyed and the patient cured.
Under normal conditions, the amount of insulin and leptin in the body signal to the brain that you've had enough to eat.
And this month fresh measures were introduced with the widespread roll-out of full-body scanners.
And this month security measures were increased with the widespread roll-out of full-body scanners.
One popular method is to insert long, thin, flexible tubes called catheters into the body and administer treatment through them.
Space is a harsh environment that affects the body in many ways.
The contraction also causes the hair to stand up whenever the body feels cold.
The body's macrophages, mainly in the liver and spleen, then remove and destroy the immune complexes.
The culprit in brain damage may not be a lack of oxygen but rather its reintroduction into the body.
Bruises, red eyes, and research remind me that insomnia breaks down body and soul.
The blood report is showing high level of viral infection in the body.
Locals were jostling around the body to take pictures on their cellphones.
Bones help fix themselves by controlling the body's metabolism.
The quest to get the body back is a drama played out in an endless variety of settings.
When exposed to bitter cold, your body shivers, and this involuntary movement creates heat the same way exercise does.
When the children were nine years old, the researchers measured their body fat.
New treatments for a disease that may affect the whole body.
If the platform was covered in sandpaper, which provided a good grip, the agama could angle its body perfectly.
Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
The implants of the future will be powered by the energy sources already inside your body.
Raise your hand if every aspect of your body and mind is as good as it could possibly be.
Breathe out, relax your eyes, and let your body float.
The virus replicates inside, eventually bursting out and flooding the body in the billions.
Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
The brain would have been discarded, and the heart left in the body.
The red-eyed tree frog flashes its brightly colored body parts when startled.
His body was aboard the choppers that made the trip back.
It is usually caused by a bacterial infection that sets off a body-wide inflammatory response.
Body, temperature, and astringency are coffee's tactile markers.
Social media is disaggregating the body politic into a million noisy voices.
It is rare that purely practical consideration stimulates an artist to create a wonderful body of work.
He'd clamped his legs around her body, and the couple had spiralled down to the ground.
The brick floor floats upward-some shiny nails are scattered across it-as his body rotates weightlessly above the ground.
Irvin selected the body type, designed fonts and logos for the headings, and chose the spot drawings that punctuated the text.
Within forty-eight hours, the lesions would spread across the body.
He has a slight build, skinny arms and legs, and a head almost too big for his body.
She didn't want anything lost because of the weakness of her own body.
Nay, much more those members of the body which seem to be more feeble.
Pack the neck cavity loosely with some of the stuffing, fold the neck skin under the body, and fasten it with a skewer.
Fold neck skin under body, then tie drumsticks together with kitchen string and tuck wings under body.
Its rich body makes it a seriously satisfying dinner any night of the week.
Coupled with the weight gain is the emotional stress of one's body changing for the worse.
Tie drumsticks together with kitchen string and fold wings under body.
Most of the other parts of the body reveal their workings with little more than a glance.
It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason.
He showed us how to light the street in the picture with the body in the rain.
The head therapist mainly worked on the upper half of my body.
Meanwhile, everything in the general area was fighting to retract itself inside my body.
They were designed to replicate the layers of real-life organisms and to be treated the way one would treat one's own body.
If he refuses, as has already happened, his clothes are torn from his body.
They end up shoving the body through a toilet window.
One should rather, he said, admire the living body for its wonderful and almost incomprehensible subtlety and complexity.
So thermodynamics seems to transcend the statistical mechanics of many-body systems from which it was originally deduced.
He wants access to the data being collected inside his body by an implanted cardiac defibrillator.
Depending on how it's processed, silk can be made to break down inside the body almost instantly or to persist for years.
As your natural body ages and degrades, your artificial parts continue to improve and evolve.
When the body grows new tissue, cells secrete fibronectin--a strong, stretchy type of protein that acts as a supportive scaffold.
Embryonic stem cells can turn into virtually any type of cell in the body.
Artificial hearts work by pumping deoxygenated blood from the body to the lungs.
The device then pumps oxygenated blood through the body.
Aging is the degradation of the body's abilities to function, and to withstand changes from the environment.
The only way to successfully lose weight and get the body that you want is by using the right information.
Let's take something infinitely simpler than your body and mine: automobiles.
Special dyes, known as contrast agents, are often used in medical scans to improve the visibility of internal body structures.
In tests that didn't use a magnetic field, the cells migrated throughout the body with little direction.
Researchers knew what went wrong in the body, but not how or why.
Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight.
Your body image plays a role in your kids body image.
Get advice from her about the facts behind your body and ways to keep healthy.

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