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Example sentences for bode

The political winds may also bode well for the empowerment act.
Today's rivalry and suspicion within the region do not bode well.
Projections for the next two generations do not bode well for easing environmental problems.
The current climate of decreasing publishing revenues does not bode well for stronger editorial oversight.
Nonetheless, the prospect of an indefinite shortage does not bode well for dogs.
Such laziness does not bode well for the research careers of those readers, she mutters darkly.
The trends of public opinion bode ill for the president.
And that doesn't bode well for solving the bay's nitrogen pollution problem.
Given the known size of the universe, it does not bode well for intelligent aliens close by.
And the trend could bode well for controversial music-sharing technologies.
The world is wise to these corporate ways and they do not bode well with humanity in the humanities.
As road-building rates have declined steadily over the past two decades, that does not bode well.
This, in conjunction with news last week that once thriving online ad growth is slowing, doesn't bode well for online advertisers.
Nor does the fiscal outlook bode well for retail spending.
It's actually quite depressing, and does not bode well for our future survival as a species.
Even so, this year is unusually slow, which doesn't bode well for companies still waiting for their chance at a public offering.
Iridium's troubles don't bode well for the rest of the satellite-phone business.
For technology firms, the overproduction of semiconductors, flat screens and computers does not bode well.
The trade squabbles do not bode well for efforts to make trade freer in the region.
Nor does it bode well for an orderly end to the rally.
The way both parties have been behaving of late does not bode well.
Your being selected by the committee still seems to bode well for future opportunities.

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