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Example sentences for bobbed

The tail of an animal after it has been bobbed or clipped.
Motorists had little time to react, and the way vehicles floated and bobbed reveal the tremendous power of the tsunami.
Fishing boats bobbed everywhere: the platforms are piscine magnets.
It has since bobbed back a little as prospects across the border have improved a tad.
The question of racism bobbed quickly to the surface.
Lights leaped into the air and bobbed up and down before his eyes.
More than one oversized recliner has bobbed past carrying a giddy, beer-guzzling vacationer.
Collapsed homes bobbed in the water around their boat.
We don't know which is more amazing, the amount of crunches or the fact that he bobbed up and down for well over a day.
Pops of vibrant color and bright prints were accessorized with butterfly pins, hatboxes and bobbed models.
But then that daub of white bobbed onto the horizon.
They were unable to reach her as she bobbed in an eddy on the far side of the river.
Everyone bobbed and nodded-it was the best of all worlds.
Chunks of pork bobbed in coconut cream until tender.
She went out with boyfriends, dressed in a short-skirted navy-blue outfit and a cherry-red hat that hugged her bobbed hair.
Then she smiled and bobbed lightly up and down on her toes.
Nor is it precisely a theatricalization of the novel: there are no bobbed hairdos, cigarette holders, or flapper gowns.
Close to eighty surfers bobbed on the four-foot swells.
Tall, with blue eyes, she had her hair fashionably bobbed and her lips painted red.
As they bobbed in the lee of the wreck, however, his shipmates were of no mind to debate the whale's motives.
She is wearing a dark cloche hat that masks almost completely her bobbed hair.
We donned hip boots, waded out and rescued the ducks that bobbed up under the net.
Fur coloration and a bobbed tail visible in the original photographs also indicate it was a bobcat.
Their rifles and canteens bumped and bobbed as the sailors were shaken with laughter.
The discouraged crew members said nothing to one another, as their seaplane bobbed noiselessly on the heavy seas.
The water was choppy and the brant were staying close to each other as they bobbed up and down on the waves.
Everywhere, large nets buoyed with green and brown plastic soda bottles bobbed in the water.
Harriet has dark bobbed hair and an intense stare that unnerves other children and even grownups.

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