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In fact, several hybrid boats are already on the market, boasting emission ratings well below the new standards.
The combats are not less fierce, but vainglorious boasting gives way to moods of humility.
Cities rose from the forest floor, boasting stone temples with stuccoed and painted facades created at the behest of elite rulers.
He is his inimitable self, boasting one moment of his profile and the next trying out his singing voice on the public.
Whatever their origin, they all serve a purpose that goes beyond boasting or one-upmanship, experts say.
Sometimes at the end of a meeting, you're given a chance to indulge in some mild boasting and cheerleading.
Until recently executives were boasting that the film business was resistant, perhaps even immune, to recession.
He would certainly not be boasting about being the master of his fate.
But her tent was not the only one boasting large crowds.
The only problem is people have the bad habit of seeking them out for food and boasting rights.
Discovery is the art of being particularly bad at taking orders from people boasting illusions of knowledge.
There were stories boasting that three hours later the city fired city workers who probably spent careers with the city.
At the time they aired this video, they were boasting at the ratings they got for doing it.
Forgive our boasting and protect us from being too impressed with ourselves or the power of our society.
Products boasting this claim are considered pesticides and are subject to federal and state pesticide laws and regulations.

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