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Example sentences for boastful

Today, that boastful sobriquet is more nostalgia than fact.
Don't come off sounding too boastful or vainglorious.
All that was needed was to listen closely to the boastful voices of the killers.
Teachers seem to resent his brash and boastful intellectualism.
But his tone was less boastful than matter-of-fact, and as it turned out, he was right.
As you'd expect from new parents, it all sounds a bit boastful and a bit defensive.
Often boastful about his capabilities, he claims to be something of an inventor savant.
He was a boastful lout and a petty thief, who was a great source of pride to his father, despite his many shortcomings.
Boastful pride is condemned, because it rips the delicate web of reciprocity.
Her victory speech was loud and strident, her written press statements challenging and boastful.
Present yourself with confidence, but don't be boastful.
But buzz marketers have been open and even boastful within the confines of the marketing industry.
However, writing them can be effective without turning the employer off by being boastful.
Perhaps this was a boastful display of weapons used by a defeated enemy.
Employees display behavior that is boastful, macho or risk-taking.
Homely and boastful with no cause, he was ridiculed within his own people.
And the lobby proper was ubiquitous, active and boastful.
They will not be puffed up or boastful, nor restless and lawless, but return to the walks of civil life.

Famous quotes containing the word boastful

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