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Trying to impress me with their vision of the future, the administrators boasted about a new doctoral program they were planning.
He boasted that any punch aimed at his abdomen would be jarringly repulsed.
Local lore has long held that the area once boasted seven magnificent temples, but that six of these were swallowed by the sea.
Some years it boasted more than half a million visitors.
Fruit juices, purees, and fruit pectins enhance the fruit content boasted on the package of many brands.
She also boasted about having been beaten by the police, because of her brave resistance.
As world champions, they boasted an all-star lineup and soaring popularity.
He boasted that he had every movie made about his heroine, beginning with silent treatments.
Both firms boasted this week of liaisons with others.
For good measure, the foreign ministry boasted how many committee meetings had discussed the evacuation.
He has boasted that it is possible to make five episodes of his show for the price of one episode of a police drama.
The central government has boasted it was quick to react to the latest problem.
Energy companies boasted of their diversification out of fossil fuels.
It boasted four detachable controllers, for goodness' sake.
He never had to bribe anyone in his rise as real-estate mogul, he boasted.
Toland was a scholar, and boasted acquaintance with more than ten languages.
My exploit was equal to that of the soldier who boasted that he had cut off the leg of one of the enemy.
For decades, it boasted the largest stockyards on the planet.

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