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It may boast liquid water, organic molecules, and a source of energy to drive chemical processes.
Some tips to conserve water and yet boast of a thriving garden.
I'm not sure that's something to boast about.
He was considered to be a great natural player; he used to boast that he never read a chess book.
Reading these comments is like watching 2 kids on the playground boast about who's daddy could kick the other's dad's bottom.
You boast yourself handy.
Several wineries boast the use of solar panels, biodiesel-fueled tractors and organic farming practices.
In a city that does not do much bragging, the mighty brewery has long been a reason to boast.
The plane will boast a wingspan longer than a football field.
More expensive slow cookers boast metal pots, which are much lighter and often clean up better, thanks to nonstick coatings.
Luxury cars boast gadgets that do everything but steer the car for you.
Even small mom-and-pops can boast hundreds or even thousands of reviews.
Plus, another two boast plots revolving around fairy tales.
It may not boast much cutting-edge innovation or economic growth.
His boast is probably too high-no accurate figures are available-but it certainly a sizeable chunk.
The leadership's boast of self-sufficiency in food is now a distant memory.
Some firms boast that they will absorb all the pain themselves.
In a world of fragmenting audiences they boast an enormous reach.
Within that boast is the recognition that even fully established science can be over ridden by future knowledge and understanding.
Mainstream articles always boast about how vaccines are mostly responsible for the decline of diseases.
UN peacekeeping can also boast some major successes.
Globalized nations boast higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction.
More than half of all sugary drinks and energy drinks boast of having positive ingredients on their packages.
Everyone wants to boast about declines in crime statistics.
They boast extraordinary faculties and also offer students thriving social lives.
Producers boast of the extent and age of their stocks.
The one worker who flipped the switch would boast astronomically high productivity.
Both sports boast legendary players who elevated the game to new heights.
The group's nano cables boast a combination of properties that's so far unprecedented.
Few materials, however, boast both properties-great strength and flexibility.
These hardy desert dwellers boast large, powerful jaws, which can be up to one-third of their body length.
These tough-looking fish boast large canine teeth, set in their upper jaws, which are visible even when their mouths are closed.
But unlike snakes, which employ fangs, fish generally boast sharp spines.
Many clothing lines boast fabrics made from recycled plastic beverage containers.
Other parks may boast of mountains or beaches, but none has a forest to match the qualities of this one.
But few cities anywhere can boast such a delightfully efficient and inexpensive transport system.
The runners are not new to the sport, and boast a long roster of accomplishments.
All guest rooms boast a cozy feeling with a sense of privacy and views of the river or surrounding foliage.
Tour companies offer cruises that boast panoramic views of downtown and historic lighthouses that once guided seafaring vessels.
One- and two-bedroom cottages boast full bathrooms, and spacious kitchens and living rooms, as well as a screened-in porches.
Each town and city will boast its own take on common dishes, while adding its own unique specialties.
State parks and mountain resorts also boast fine beaches at inland lakes.
The grounds boast a rock garden, a yew maze, and a wonderful variety of trees and flowering shrubs.
Do not show them more favor for what they boast they will perform, than resentment for what they have already committed.
Quite early in the eighteenth century, some of the leading provincial cities and boroughs could boast their own newspapers.
It is in general more profitable to reckon up our defects than to boast of our attainments.
It seemed an odd thing to boast about, but you have to consider the context.
Glossy materials are at the ready, and administrators can boast success.
Spouses boast that they are each other's best friends.
They boast renovated living spaces and provide needed social services.
Other marinas boast excellent showers and meeting rooms for boaters.
More and more often, headlines boast of new cancer genes found.
We boast of the freedom enjoyed by our people above all other peoples.
Gang graffiti is also used to boast of crimes committed or weapons carried by the members.
Too bad, because the state park and surrounding national forest boast some inspiring footpaths.
They also boast a long bright yellow beak with a hooked tip and two inch gray talons protruding from their feather-less toes.
There are published materials for sale which boast of lucrative jobs in canneries and on fishing boats.
Few places in the world can boast the uninterrupted peace and quiet that you find here.

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