boardwalk in a sentence

Example sentences for boardwalk

Amble along the boardwalk or bring along lunch to eat at one of the park's many picnic tables.
Promenade along the harborside boardwalk before dinner at one of the highbrow, on-site eateries.
The pathway could be altered, and was: in many places a slightly elevated boardwalk has replaced it.
From the elevator, you step onto a boardwalk of rough wooden planks.
For the purpose of this book, a boardwalk is a structure that uses widely spaced bents or piers as a foundation.
On this boardwalk you can get close to plants and animals safely.
The boardwalk follows a creek where red-legged frogs are often seen.
Stop along the way and read the boardwalk's interpretive signs.
The boardwalk across the island to the beach has benches placed in strategic locations.
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