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Astounding detail and boardroom quality make this map excellent for reference in your home or office.
Elegance refined from the boardroom to the golf course.
In some countries, the gender disparity in the boardroom is particularly pronounced.
There is not a boardroom in the country where he would look or feel out of place.
The long oval table common to a boardroom lets small groups of people see and hear one another while sitting comfortably.
After decades in the jungles of fringe science, the placebo effect has become the elephant in the boardroom.
Predictably, the move attracted a firestorm of protest, accompanied by boardroom shenanigans that warrant an article of their own.
In addition to increasingly refined camps, kids are encouraged to master skills that will prepare them for the boardroom.
And in a pinch, its giant chrome grille could act as window treatment for its owner's entire corporate boardroom.
We both went to the network reading in a boardroom packed with stone-faced executives in business suits.
Guests also have whirlpool suites, fitness suites and boardroom suites available.
The place also accommodates private dinner parties and corporate dinner meetings in its personal boardroom.
Their boardroom victory scuppered what would have been one of the largest buy-outs of the year.
But these objections nevertheless suggest some important caveats to the case for driving bosses out of the boardroom.
Near the boardroom sits a desk-sized calculator with hundreds of knobs.
Anthropologists have, by and large, steered clear of the boardroom.
Bosses may stick a few modernist daubs on their boardroom walls.
Partly because tenants will pay more for a boardroom with a view.
Foreign investors may have a better nose for boardroom shenanigans and a strong incentive to protect minority shareholders.
Mining bosses used to be geologists who had worked their way up from the rock face to the boardroom.
Their voices are sturdy and commanding in the huddle or boardroom.
Combs doesn't need to spend more time in the boardroom.
And things aren't any better at the boardroom level.

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