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However, for a great many people, getting out of the city means boarding a plane and flying over the country to another city.
Everyone has a theory on what the best method is for boarding an airplane.
Others are perfectly comfortable taking their pets to boarding facilities.
Boarding was announced within a few minutes of arriving at the gate.
After surfing the web for a few minutes it was time to head to my gate for boarding.
Don't forget interactive white-boarding, if and where it might be needed.
He waited half an hour before she came into the boarding-house parlor.
There had been some talk on occasions of my going to boarding-school.
Disrobing for security while your flight completes final boarding.
She's an avid horsewoman and owns an equine boarding facility.
The shiny red bus has three entrances and two staircases to speed up boarding.
The park has a visitors center and beach, a good place to hone your snorkeling skills before boarding a dive boat.
Buy tickets at any station and validate before boarding.
Purchase tickets on the train platform and validate before boarding.
She promised that if he sent her and her brother to boarding school, she would stop, but coaches there insisted otherwise.
Simple, secure, and built to last these snowboard boots are all about keeping you boarding till the lifts stop running.
Compounding confusion at the gate, a couple of airlines have changed their boarding procedures this year.
How about when they deny you boarding wrongly and when you complain afterwards, they change their tune.
The price also includes a checked bag and priority boarding.
Over at the new gate, the too-small boarding lounge is beyond full.
But it is rare for them to stop the pirates boarding vessels and taking crews hostage in the first place.
These are not the huge fan blades you see when boarding, but are buried deep in the engines.
It is a boarding school that puts as much emphasis on character-training as on footballing skills.
The officials had followed all the right procedures, but the system still did not prevent the suspect from boarding the plane.
Due to over sale conditions, it is possible that a winner will be denied boarding.
Consequently some of the best nurses register nowhere, and can only be had by sending to their homes or boarding houses.
And, yes, there are distinctions between water-boarding and water-torture.
After boarding a bus, he noticed that the back of his watch had been forced, as if perhaps the police had inserted a bug.
The devices aren't designed to make skiing or boarding easier, or even more fun.
Search for licensed boarding homes by geographic location.

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