board game in a sentence

Example sentences for board game

He can only think of that war as a board game wi th plastic soldiers.
Working in groups, have students continue their research and create a board game that would teach other students about wetlands.
But winning a board game is a trivial task compared with understanding the complexities and idiosyncrasies of human speech.
Play this interactive board game to test your bully smarts.
Each week a new health discovery will be presented utilizing an interactive board game format.
The students will design and construct an original board game as a culminating activity.
If you have children, a board game or some type of appropriate indoor entertainment is recommended.
Before the field trip, students play a board game describing the habits and hardships of desert bighorn sheep.
The hotel also has a complimentary book loan and board game service.
Join a local food, film, board game or other special interest club.
Borrow books to read while aboard the ship or check-out a board game to enjoy.
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