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Rough, board-formed concrete echoes the wood used throughout the house and provides a foil for the smooth steel edging.
It would be in such huge demand that the price would be enormous to board such a pleasure vehicle.
There are so many trivia board games out there that you can pretty much play to a common interest of your group.
You might want to write them on the board so everyone can see them.
The chemical safety board agreed to investigate the rig explosion .
We board our flight and the plane heads north hugging the coast.
Drape plastic over the cabinets and place the cement board on top.
The oil company said its board would meet Monday evening, .
Back to the drawing board.
When it comes to who can buy a co-op, the board has the final say.
If you haven't checked out board games since you were a kid, you are in for a treat.
He instituted a 15-percent across-the-board cut in spending and froze salaries of senior managers and staff members.
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Create a compact cabinet with a bulletin-board door.
The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better.
Dampen board surface by brushing with water and blotting off excess with a cloth or paper towel.
The best board jockeys in the world come for breakers bigger than your house.
Drill holes for screws: one for each overlap of board and crosspiece below.
The surprise to us across the board is that every carboy tastes different.
Highlight the key supply chain stages by writing them on the board as students say them.
To clarify this point, draw an arch on the board and point out the keystone.
Write these terms on the board and ask students to define what each means.
However, please allow eight months from the board's receipt of your application for the board to formally review and consider it.
Confectioners at first use the hand, afterwards a palette knife, which is not only of use for mixing but for keeping board clean.
Toss on slightly floured board, and beat with rolling-pin thirty minutes, continually folding over the dough.
Work together almond paste and sugar on a smooth board or marble slab.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
The board of jurors was a large one, consisting in all of sixty members.
And long, by board and hearthstone, the living mourned the dead.
Toss on floured board, pat, and roll to three-fourths inch thickness.
Put on an unfloured board and roll, using a rolling-pin, as thinly as possible.
When such a member ceases to hold the office his membership of the board terminates automatically.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll to three fourths inch in thickness.
Chill, toss one-half mixture on a floured board, and roll one-eighth inch thick.
Place on a board and cut in one and one-half inch pieces.
He also has a credibility problem of his own, having presided over the board as the subprime exposure grew more toxic.
Merrill's shares tanked, its credit rating was cut and a deeply disgruntled board met to hammer out a response to the crisis.
My family have slowly been converting to board games from video games over the last few months.
The first thing to calculate is the speed of the snow board as it goes down and then up the ramp.
One of my favorite ways to do that, of course, is board games.
He remains involved as a member of the board of directors.
On board was a team of astrophysicists, biologists, and other savants.
With a mezzaluna chopper or whatever chopping knife you are used to, chop the leaves on a board until almost reduced to a purée.
He was hauled before the police board numerous times, facing a smorgasbord of charges that should have gotten him fired.
Participants usually dance on a board suspended over a hole or buried pot to produce resonance.
Choose from molecular earrings, a caffeine molecule necklace, or a circuit board pendant.
As the ship continued to list, some of those still trapped on board began to panic.
These were then taped to a large board in the main hall.
When put on edge, these skis bent at the center, forming an arc in the snow that the board could follow.
Then they raise one end of the board, and the squid slides back into the sea.
It might seem implausible that our planet's water supply arrived incrementally as cargo on board comets or asteroids.
Many of engineering's grandest feats wouldn't have made it off the drawing board but for a crucial permit or decree.
If he were tempted to date, he says, he hopes his board would talk him out of it.
We spread them out on the cutting board in a certain way.
Using a sieve, dust a cutting board with confectioners sugar.
Sift flour in a mound on a wooden board or work surface and make a well in center.
Lift confection onto a cutting board using overhang and halve confection with a sharp knife.
Run a small knife around edges to loosen, then transfer to a cutting board using parchment.
Transfer roast to a carving board and loosely cover.
Carefully invert caramel onto a clean, dry cutting board, then peel off parchment.
Transfer veal to a cutting board and let stand, loosely covered.
Transfer tongue to a cutting board with tongs and peel off and discard skin and any visible fat.
Transfer almonds to a cutting board to cool, then coarsely chop.
Invert set macaroni and cheese onto a cutting board and remove parchment.
Invert brittle onto a cutting board and peel off foil.
Run a knife along edge of cake to loosen, then invert onto a cutting board, rapping on bottom of pan until cake is released.
Transfer to a carving board and loosely cover with foil.
Transfer pork to a cutting board and keep warm, loosely covered with foil.
Transfer duck to a cutting board and set skillet aside.
He hops onto the running board and gets us to the festival an hour later.
There's a naughty nightclub, but with the charming innocence of an advertising board outside promising cheerful lap-dancing.
The bulletin board announces screenings of movies about political torture.
The nation's leaders are solidly on board with the standards thing.
At gunpoint, they forced the mayor and his board of aldermen to resign, and installed their own government.
Many generations have been born and have died on board a long-distance space ship.
Instead, he appealed, first to the school board and then to the courts.
Two of its board members do have financial-services experience, but with insurance companies.
There are only two volunteers on the board who have never been formally elected.

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