boar in a sentence

Example sentences for boar

We can't even get rid of the wild boar populations riddling our country.
Several times they see wild boar face the pack down.
We've seen two big boar grizzlies, thousand pounds each one of them.
Look for swordfish carpaccio, chestnut flour tagliatelle with sausage and wild fennel and stuffed wild boar.
One boar was so bad the the buzzards would not touch it.
Selections include wild-boar sausage scramble, smoked-salmon omelet, and veal and eggs.
They are from a wild boar, a favored prey of tigers.
One morning, another soldier spotted some boar tracks in the snow.
Main dishes include a truly savory dish, and red wild boar with whortleberry sauce.

Famous quotes containing the word boar

Is a man too strong and fierce for society, and by temper and position a bad citizen,—a morose ruffian, with a dash of... more
Dwell on her graciousness, dwell on her smiling, Do not forget what flowers The great boar trampled down in... more
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