blustery in a sentence

Example sentences for blustery

When it's cold and blustery outside, dig into a steaming bowl of this curry.
Two standouts in the world of blustery suspense books feature eerie surprises, technical detail and smart characters.
When a lost traveler pounded on our door in the blustery darkness, my father answered with his gun cradled by his side.
But on a blustery afternoon last week, the teacher was late.
It also has fewer wind turbines than it might otherwise-again, an odd outcome for a blustery country.
Otherwise, on blustery days you risk swamping your own grid, and on calm days going short.
Outside it is snowing, and a blustery wind whirls fleeting flakes through milky orbs of lamppost light.
Instead it makes a blustery, bluff charge and swipes at the camera.
Candy's big, blustery presence is the only thing really holding it together.
Here is a view of the starboard side of the open-air promenade from the bridge wing on a blustery day at sea.
Blustery weather places equally stringent demands on a golfer's technique.
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