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Example sentences for bluster

In fact, it might even be characterized as largely bluster.
Learn from it, and don't bluster yourself to a point where you quote song lyrics to comfort some degree of arrogance.
That's why it's so much fun to sit back and watch everyone bluster whenever this subject comes up.
Amid clouds of misstatements he relies almost wholly on insinuation and bluster.
Bill knew that he'd been caught and couldn't bluster his way out of it.
His case gave a glimpse of what might have been, without the bluster by two sides that refused to yield.
So began a successful career of bluster and pronouncement.
The government's response has been to stall, bluster and accuse its accusers of racism.
Its negotiating style is marked by bluster, foot-dragging, blackmail and brinkmanship.
But in fact he may never have uttered those precise words, and there is both ambiguity and calculation behind the bluster.
Mixed in with all the nationalist bluster have been a few voices of moderation.
But for all the regime's bluster, the facade of normality is becoming harder to sustain.
Many staffers, encountering him in the canteen or in early meetings, were surprised by his lack of bluster and vainglory.
Unfortunately, a significant number of people continue to prefer denial and bluster to the advance of knowledge.
Even-tempered, without bluster, he was approachable and ruled by a shot from his dark eyes.
Gone completely was the bluster of bargaining agendas.

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