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Clusters of fragrant white flowers with a purplish pink blush appear in late winter.
Plan for a sunset ferry ride back to town, when buildings and sky blush with pink.
Fold it spoonful by spoonful into whipped cream for blush-pink dressing to bedeck a fruit salad.
Crazy also has some thoughts on the perils of teaching things that make both professor and students blush.
At first blush this is statement of the blindingly obvious.
Apply two cheeks on one side of the head using blush and a cotton swab.
Some are small exotic projects that at first blush seem nearly impossible.
Flowers come in four bright colors as well as blush.
Well, it appears the situation is not as dire as it appeared at first blush.
Seasonal chemistry brings a blush to a stand of fern.
The innermost planet turns out to be much more intriguing than it appeared at first blush.
He talks about scaling up startups with an earnestness that would make a boom-era dotcommer blush.
Applying blush and lipstick eye shadow with a mouse instead of with a cosmetics brush and a pencil.
Once again you are exaggerating and lying without a blush.
Our second uncertainty might seem at first blush an outcome of the first.
On cost, the bill appears at first blush to offer a breakthrough.
On clear summer evenings when the sun descends, the city's buildings blush.
We are now in a land where late-night cable can make your average sailor blush.
The tide used to blush red with chicken blood here and when it ebbed, leave watermarks written in feathers.
Seen in perspective, though, the situation is less drastic than it might appear at first blush.
The first blush look at the data said everything looks good.
The answer is not as straight forward as it appears at first blush.
Outsourcing is far more complex than it seems at first blush.
The spot is scarcely larger than a dime, a coppery blush against the white of a soft cotton coverlet.
Don't hesitate to blush and curse the words you wrote.
These policies, known as mortgage life insurance, appear inexpensive at first blush.
Louis couple celebrated with a kiss that made many in attendance blush.
The park may appear lifeless at first blush, but look closer and you'll see a variety of flora and fauna.
Nor does its own history of matrimonial excess bring a blush to its cheek.
At first blush, policy stalemates might seem simple differences of opinion on how to run the country.
At first blush, a flurry of unreproducible results might suggest problems within the field itself.
But that blush dims as a surface is exposed to more oxygen, which happens when atmospheric pressure increases.
At first blush, it might seem that a wall-crawling robot and a gecko do not have much in common.
The result for rainfall might at first blush seem surprising.
At first blush, it seems ridiculous that productivity could ever be bad for workers.
So at first blush, a gene that promotes extreme altruism should quickly vanish from a population.
On first blush, that last paragraph doesn't make a lot of sense.
At first blush the notion of suburban moms buying gas masks seemed a little silly.
At first blush, these are nothing but rosy times for biomedical researchers at universities.
At first blush, the organization's results might seem equally disappointing.
At first blush that may sound reasonable, to prevent wild and reckless spending.
At first blush, they have a similar structure to almost all other bird feathers.
It's my favorite for this season because it can be used as a bronzer, blush, and even an eye shadow.
He introduces people in such a flattering way as to make them blush.
There were pieces on the walls that were so out there, one could blush describing them.
We hear them saying their melodious prayers at morning's blush and eventide.
At first blush, vaccinating the wolves against rabies seems a simple solution.
At first blush, that would seem to be a cheery possibility this time around, as well.
At first blush, the service sector appears to be predominantly private.
At first blush, real-world trade patterns would seem to challenge the theory of comparative advantage.
At first blush, money is believed to be neutral, meaning that it does not have a long-lasting effect on the real economy.
At first blush, business success would seem to be good preparation for political success.
It also has a simple wine list with champagnes and sparkling wines, reds, whites and blush wines.
At first blush, those odds might seem to cast doubt on a genetic link.
At first there was a false blush of inventor's pride.
If your skin feels dry, you may want to try a more emollient cream formula of blush.

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