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The fuzzy dividing line between light and atoms has been blurred even further.
When it does show the head, well it looks a bit blurred.
Modern cameras capture more than blurred images: they record the precise bone structure of people's faces.
In so doing, others complain, it has blurred the line between education and commerce.
The picture is still blurred, but growing gradually clearer.
In doing so, it has deliberately blurred the lines between making things and offering services.
For years only blurred telephoto shots gave proof he was alive.
More generally, the line between manufacturing and services is blurred.
Look more closely, though, and some of these distinctions become blurred.
Though the rotation takes only a few seconds, the overall image will be blurred if the patient moves.
His long-term vision was blurred by near-term considerations.
Problems for the presidency, though not the marriage, seem to arise when the vision is blurred.
Moreover, the boundaries between office, car and home will become increasingly blurred and will eventually disappear altogether.
It was usually as a blurred face at the back of a painting, behind a huge plant, or casually in a hand mirror.
The line between curbing atrocities and an air war for regime change blurred-though a land operation is ruled out, for the moment.
Meanwhile the war's aims have become blurred-and few seem to have been achieved.
The image in an electronic viewfinder can appear blurred if the camera or the subject is moving.
Yet it could not be said that he blurred the boundaries between belief and non-belief.
Third, the dividing line between different types of financial intermediaries and between different markets is becoming blurred.
With participatory media, the boundaries between audiences and creators become blurred and often invisible.
However, the modern left-right divisions were rather blurred in those days.
In practice, though, the borderline between the two is often blurred.
The distinction between manufacturing and services is getting blurred.
For one thing, the lines between different types of risk have become hopelessly blurred.
However, when you look at different metrics of success the picture appears to be blurred.
Blurred ownership distorts finance, management structure and long-term planning.
In reality, the differences between the two groups are blurred, and there is plenty of intermarriage.
Shockingly, it wasn't blurred out-the image was as clear as the one of your house.
With billions of dollars at stake, the line has blurred between principled players and unscrupulous schemers.
The corollary is that people want to be in control of how far those lines are blurred.
It's that important line which seems to have become increasingly blurred.
Online, however, the distinctions between public and private are blurred.
The seams between reality and virtuality will be repeatedly and deliberately blurred.
The separation between private providers and public universities has blurred, for example.
Routine tasks that you perform every day can become blurred in your memory because they are so similar day to day.
The longer the shutter speed, the more blurred the background will be.
Move the camera at the same speed as the subject, thus freezing the subject while the background is blurred through motion.
Your subject will stand out sharply as the rest of the image surrounding it remains pleasantly blurred.
Mist came in, and light snow blurred his footprints.
Images of blood and the corpses themselves have not been doctored or blurred.
He walked out of the team's spring training camp because of blurred vision.
Although the feud involved only twelve deaths, fact and fiction were blurred when the press turned it into national news.
Internally the nearly ten difficult years have blurred early hopeful visions.
In this climate, where an inch of rain can fall in an hour, visual distinctions between old and new are blurred.
And so the immediacy of the music is blurred by our own soft-focus nostalgia for a lost world.
He spoke softly, his voice blurred with sadness, and he had to clear his throat.
His blurred shadow strengthened whenever the wind eased.
The line between the public interest and private interests has blurred.
Nevertheless, the ice-work is scarce blurred as yet.
In a world of rising interdependence the distinctions between domestic and foreign policy become blurred.
When you get to adulthood, these things become blurred.
Gone was the elaborate diorama that had blurred the line between foreground and painting.
Everything closer or farther away is artfully blurred.
What may be crystal clear and comparable to the quality of the human eye to some, may be blurred and choppy to another.
Three long dents ran around the arm and the leg, blurred with spider tracks of canine punctures.
The distinction between real property and intellectual property-between things and ideas-has been blurred.
To sum up my take is an unguided photo otherwise the stars in the corners would not be blurred.
Their energy and motion are served up in discrete bits, jumpy and blurred, their exact behavior and position forever uncertain.
The notion that any animal could be a little bit viral blurred nature's boundaries.
However, on a tracked shot, the buildings will be blurred due to the motion of the camera.
It does not matter that there are grey areas where the distinction of art and science becomes blurred.
Well, the van is in pretty sharp focus, while the majority of the saucer is a bit blurred around the edges.
The majority of them are fantastic, but there are about two percent for whom the line between reality and fantasy is blurred.
It was one of those many moments when the line was blurred between life and art.
And his vision was blurred by the two-state solution's metamorphosis from a national idea to a foreign one.
Even in the military, lines of command have become blurred.
As so often in comparable historical situations, the distinction between thuggery and law enforcement becomes blurred.
Yet facsimiles cannot be used to spot erasures, or decipher blurred and faint writing.
Her vision blurred by tears, she searched through the house that was suddenly not a home for the jewelry box that wasn't there.
She blurred the line between insider and outsider that so many today are trying to deepen.
That's when people get the symptoms of diabetes, including excessive thirst, excessive urination and blurred vision.
One of the things about hardboiled is that the line between good and bad is blurred.
Ecstasy causes blurred vision and distorts perception, including judging distance.

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