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Long exposure times increase the chance you'll blur the shot, whether through the subject's movement or yours.
All my birthday parties are a blur of cake and presents.
The first day of orientation in my doctoral program is still a blur.
The best seem to glide through the air from the waist up, but their feet are a blur.
She wiggles her head so much it practically becomes a blur.
When all else fails, try to embrace the blur that you have to accept anyway.
Try shooting at slow shutter speeds to deliberately blur your subject.
New studies show how such mental maps blur with age and readily extend to accommodate bionic limbs.
The case, for all its sensational elements, had begun to blur in the public's consciousness.
What is more, as computing becomes a utility, the borders between different systems are starting to blur.
The photography-derived blur recurs at intervals throughout the painter's career.
Despite the brief reprise your vision remains cloudy, causing the words on the monitor to blur.
In order to see an object clearly, an accurate estimate of blur is important.
Howling, she grabs fistfuls of air, writhing in a blur of blue latex and spangled fur.
But the reality is that a number of conditions can blur the gender line.
To avoid being too anatomical when photographing the human form, try using soft focus or a little blur.
Interstellar gas will, however, blur the finer details.
They discovered brown dwarfs, which blur the distinction between planet and star.
With composite video, all the little lines blur together into one indistinct blob.
The lines blur in specialty stores and often disappear in small boutiques.
Such knowledge helps blur the distinction between a nutrient and a drug.
What happened next has disappeared into an anguished blur of guilt and confusion.
If you get a blurry picture, not real, the blur was added to distract from wires or whatever.
These delinquent channels can make a short, sharp wave blur into a longer, weaker one.
The line between self-improvement and neurosis can blur.
We head to the couch and pull out our laptops and work until our eyes blur the lines on the screen.
What could be possible answer to the situation is blur at the moment.
The last minutes to the hospital blur past, a manic, sweat-soaked dream.
Leaving the shutter open means that you'll need to stabilize your camera in order to avoid any motion blur.
The whole story here is about fact and fiction but a clever use of any language can blur that distinction.
If lots of celestial bodies are in similar orbits, they all tend to blur together.
Even in daylight you might want to blur the action but keep the back ground sharp.
Before long, lines between different groups begin to blur.
Some really thought-provoking stuff on the increasing blur between flesh, soul and technology.
The ground would merely be a blur of shapes and colors.
With this card, the line between fiction and life begins to blur.
Hummingbirds, too, dart among the flowers in a blur of beating wings.
Let the bees go honey-hunting with yellow blur of wings in the dome of my head, in the rumbling, singing arch of my skull.
And if the pool wishes, let it shiver to the blur of many wings, old swimmers from old places.
The first effect of this fatal organization was to blur his view of things.
At a stoplight a blur of movement draws my attention.
The gray farms blur past, wrapped in whispers of snow.
Use dissolved gelatin in the pulp mix for writing paper so the porous material won't absorb and blur ink.
Up is as easy as down for nimble bighorn sheep, sprinting over steep slopes in a blur of early snowfall and their own speed.
Horns shouted, and signs and pedestrians swept past in a blur.
He points out details in the swirling blur of lines and images and shares stories that accompany them.
In kayaking photos, there are opportunities to use motion blur-this is not one of them.
Imagine a planet where jellyfish rule the seas, giant rodents roam the mountains and swarms of insects blur everything in sight.
It means to focus sharply on the subject and blur out the distracting background.
If so, the distinction between subconscious decision-making and subconscious motivation would start to blur.
For others, summer can be even more harried, as the fast pace of summer teaching can make entire months disappear in a blur.
Board members often blur the line between setting policy and executing it.
He'll dazzle you and be a blur of motion but accomplish nothing.
Try not to blur this distinction through technicalities.
Psychedelic colors wiggle and blur, and cartoon pills fly into talking mouths.
It can blur the background the way professionals do.
It is hardly original for artists to try to blur the boundaries between the normal and the deviant.
It also means that reflections from different places are easier to tell apart, because they do not blur into one another.
The evolution of defence co-operation will further blur distinctions.
The countryside whizzes by in a blur, though the ride is impeccably smooth.
He hopes that voters will remember him for his beard and turban when his rivals are still a bit of a blur.
As borders blur, it has benefited through exports, but its own boundaries remain sacred.
Poverty ensures a loud voice in politics for anger and envy, which blur into bigoted nationalism.
The longer the shutter speed, the more the water will blur as it goes over the rocks.
The effect that combo creates at full speed is thought to be a blur.
He seems relaxed on stage but every so often whooshes into a blur of karate moves to illustrate a point.
These are both shaping our mental habits and benefiting from it, supplying information in a kind of blur.
Dot stared at it furiously, her mind a blur of anticipation.
Perhaps the lines between these two models will continue to blur.
Both genres blur the line between sound effects and music.
Forgive me, this stuff is starting to blur together.
Now days and nights blur, and the old clothes are barn-rags, brown with tractor grease.
In operation, it is a blur of rods and connectors, one of which is always about to go awry.
He's seen you win money this way, throwing knives at targets, dancing blades between your fingers in a blur.
No matter who he is before his arrest, his sense of self will blur in custody.
Worse, it was impossible to think and write honestly about this without seeing the screen blur with the tears in my eyes.
To transfer the anger engendered by the movie to the moviemaker himself is to allow one's feelings to blur what's on the screen.
Even as his lines slant and his letters blur together, there is a delicate prettiness about it.
It's harder to make out the contours of the philosophy at the core of this dazzling blur of action.
The rest of his life was a blur of penury and dissolution.
Individual pieces tend to blur in memory, as similar material gets reapproached from slightly different angles.
Levin developed an algorithm that can remove this uniform blur to yield a clear image.
Images of live cells taken with conventional light microscopes reveal only a blur.
Huge multistory windows blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.
TV news shows often blur the faces of those caught in background footage and photos to protect their privacy.
Heavy movement also tends to blur, and placing graphics on-screen can be challenging.
These rapid advances in molecular imaging are helping to blur medicine's traditional boundary between diagnosis and treatment.
Future discoveries will no doubt suggest new categories and further blur the boundaries of old ones.
Reyes awoke in a blur of bandages, surrounded by other wounded soldiers.
The amount of blur depends on an object's distance from the spider's eye.
When the lines between individuals blur, generalities start seeping in and implicit biases have a stronger influence.
Concentrate on the magazine and let everything else become a background blur with a cicada soundtrack.
There is even a trend toward abstraction, particularly in landscapes inspired by the blur of scenery glimpsed from a moving train.
The only down side was that ten days weren't nearly enough-my time there went by in a blur.
The drumming kicked into high gear with the start of the match, and much of the rest of the game was a blur.
We should think of terrorism as a concerted effort to blur this distinction so as to turn civilians into legitimate targets.
The afternoon-free from the blur of hangover or the fug of sleep-is when our shared predicament on this planet becomes clear.
For there are sins that permanently rust the heart, corrode the mind and blur the vision.
However, social networking has the potential to blur boundaries and raise questions of safety and appropriateness.
Since peripheral rays enter the eye at a larger angle, they create a larger blur circle at the retinal image plane.
Which is understandable, because eventually all the jokes about height and weight and best-friend benefits run together in a blur.
Putting pedal to the metal turns the autumn scene into a blur anyway.
The busboy was almost angelic in that white service coat, his eyes drained of innocence, the background a dark blur.
Many a criminal trial, after all, revolves around precisely that gray area where the two begin to blur.
People remember him from the blur of conferences and meetings.
The half-hour audience, all in the library, was so quick it was a blur for both participants and onlookers.
As time began to blur, he became effectively amnesic.
New shows blur the line, raising ethics and aesthetics questions.

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