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Example sentences for blunt

Pippi is brash and blunt and rude.
Being very to the point and blunt used to be a kind of weapon for me.
Upon examining a new drill you will note the angle is rather blunt.
I'm blunt, and sometimes people don't like blunt.
Our two talks were frank and at times blunt.
Its a cool idea, it will never happen though, sorry to be blunt.
Place the point of the spindle in this hole and drill with the bow until the point is blunt.
To be blunt, the results are ugly.
This dig at the politicians was blunt but unsurprising.
Apologies for my blunt language, but it speaks of frank ignorance.
The concept is a simple one: preconceptions blunt imagination by narrowing the sphere of considered options.
Jens peers out the window at a distant city of stranded icebergs, blunt-cut by a mirage-one of the first signs of spring.
He dreamed of laying his big, blunt-fingered hands on the brows of patients in hospital wards.
Thank you for the blunt and honest appraisal of teacher evaluations.
He is blunt at all costs, a cultural habit that has permeated the company.
Brash and blunt with a cleft chin and a bushy mustache, he projects a gruff, old-fashioned avuncularity.
Nevertheless, encryption has already demonstrated a certain blunt utility.
She was as blunt with her husband as with everyone else, which seems not to have bothered him.
The left, to be quite blunt about it, has something to conserve.
But they remain blunt instruments, guided by principles and conditions that differ from those in civilian society.
The problems stemmed from the blunt, sometimes arrogant manner for which he had been known throughout his career.
However, if the bottles remain intact, they may cause blunt injuries.
The gases would sweep neatly past the streamlined projectile but smack into the blunt obturator.
In this case, the methods used are hopelessly blunt to make a valid determination.
Even worse, some of the people who panned your book did so in a blunt fashion, using direct language.
For an economy, growing ranks of long-term unemployed blunt workers' skills and leads to reliance on government welfare spending.
The need to keep replacing the stamps and dies used by the press, as they become blunt, also adds to the expense.
Elsewhere they have gone to court for the blunt-nosed leopard lizard and the giant kangaroo rat.
Conceptual subtleties flank blunt accounts of famine's causes or physical handicap's economic effects.
Quotas are too blunt a tool for such a tangled problem.
Accordingly, it won't much blunt criticisms of the administration this summer, should petrol prices rise as anticipated.
And economic sanctions are themselves a blunt instrument that sometimes harm the people more than the rulers.
The government hopes it will also blunt donors' worries that their money might be stolen rather than spent.
But capital, a fairly blunt tool, could be asked to do too much.
It is an ambitious attempt to blunt the sharpest edges of globalisation, and make capitalism benign.
Sanctions are indeed a blunt and sometimes weak tool.
It's usually not as blunt as a bribe, except for things related to company-government profits.
Some critics found his full-voiced singing blunt and burly.
He offers blunt, unequivocal advice to those who take the stage with him to share family problems, weight issues and other woes.
Modern history has a way of being modest with its gifts and blunt with its reckonings.
And he came into the job with a reputation as a blunt talker.
We are a blunt lot, in our bikinis and our demands that our friends go right now to check out our blog postings.
All of us have a responsibility to blunt the epidemic by decreasing the spread of virus.

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