blundering in a sentence

Example sentences for blundering

Blundering about in economics and echoing the biased mainstream media is not science.
In a short while, he found himself blundering through dense timber in total darkness.
But when those opinions replace our own blundering around for truth, we're in trouble.
He's bent on bringing his country into the brotherhood of first-world nations and reversing its growing reputation for blundering.
Amory ingeniously tried to retrieve himself by blundering on purpose.
The casualties were great, the blundering was indisputable.
Lastly, blundering and bloat have imposed a stiff cost in morale.
Yet it was the blundering approach for me on this trip, with results both predictable and pleasant.
We won't know until we're dead, and until then, we're all blundering about in the same fog.
Not surprisingly, the war for which each side was ill prepared opened with blundering application of intelligence on both sides.

Famous quotes containing the word blundering

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The momentary charge at Balaklava, in obedience to a blundering command, proving what a perfect machine the... more
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