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Flowers are pinkish lavender, bluish lavender, or white.
The bluish feature in the center of the picture is a large gas and dust pocket caught at the point of the crash.
It radiates hot blue light in the visible spectrum and gives the cloud a bluish tinge.
The galaxy on the right has a long, bluish arm while its companion has a shorter, redder arm.
Before us the vast acreage of junk cars stretched on beneath a sky that was the hazy bluish-gray of a blank video screen.
They were glistening and opaque, with a bluish tint.
The creatures absorb sunlight during the day and then emit a bluish glow at night.
The alleyway next door emits the bluish glow of television sets powered by portable generators.
But this reporter decided to get a bluish-green dotted line inked around his neck.
My rats are blue rats, so they are a bluish grey color.
Another thousand feet and your surroundings have faded to a dim bluish-gray twilight.
Oxygen-carrying hemoglobin causes blood to appear bright red, while oxygen-depleted hemoglobin turns blood bluish.
The corrected views show a planet of mud-brown hills and skies that range from yellow to pink to white to bluish.
Somewhere deep below, a cone of bluish light raced upward through the cold water.
Her usual smile was replaced by tightly closed lips, and her bluish-hazel eyes were stormy.
It is bluish green with a slightly waxy appearance, the top surrounded by a small crown from which the stigmas rise.
The center of the rash often clears or may turn bluish.
Severe episodes may be marked by visibly straining respiratory muscles, bluish skin and a loss of consciousness.
The medium bluish-green foliage turns a plum color in winter.
The bluish-green substance in the vinegar, or lemon juice, comes from the copper in the penny.
Ranging from bluish brown to blotchy near-winter coloration.

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