bluffs in a sentence

Example sentences for bluffs

Ride through backcountry, rugged terrain, forests and red bluffs and discover secluded ponds and meadows.
Watch for birds that inhabit the bluffs and wetlands along the waterway.
Explore the bluffs and short hikes near the park's northeast entrance.
Fay said he had been charged numerous times in the past, but nearly all had been bluffs.
Brave the strong currents to reach the sheer reef walls of a cove hidden among rocky bluffs favored by cliff-diving locals.
Today the surf off the foot of the bluffs is nonexistent.
At the edge of the bluffs, visitors get beautiful views of the ocean and headlands.
Its wildly eroded bluffs and hidden valleys cry out for exploration.
He bluffs his way, not entirely successfully, through one visitor's question about stellar evolution.
Its gentle curve and imposing bluffs made it a natural killing ground.
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