bluffing in a sentence

Example sentences for bluffing

Because of this vulnerability, cobras have developed an elaborate system of bluffing to intimidate anything they see as a threat.
Evolutionists are bluffing when they say their beliefs are scientific.
They won't even need to show that they have the capability to knock down satellites, bluffing will suffice.
Bluffing can be potentially disastrous if you really do want the job.
The producers were convinced the actors were bluffing.
Everyone knows his threats are empty, that he's bluffing and helpless.
The article is not about bluffing, it is about subconscious acts.
Who knows, they could be trying to catch someone off their guard, and they could be bluffing.
Those who think she is bluffing note that she has done none of the customary preparation.
As a body, it has never fully learnt the art of bluffing, threatening and cajoling others to get its way in the world.
He is bluffing publicly, because if he runs again for office, he is sure to be defeated.
As is often the case with major jumps in technology, a bit of serendipity and a bit of bluffing were at play.
No decision has yet been announced, and there's always a chance the service is bluffing.
Mastering facial expressions and gestures, will allow you to tell when others are bluffing.
Sometimes he's bluffing outrageously, but that's all right too.
After bluffing her way through a disastrous job interview, she is involved in a car accident.
They say they are not bluffing, that the season could be terminated in the next few weeks.
But if a moose does charge, don't wait to find out if it's bluffing.
They found a broken musket which they pointed down the staircase, bluffing their attackers.
Much of the activity in early spring consists of sparring and bluffing to resolve territory disputes.
No investment is risk-free, and anyone guaranteeing you bloated returns with zero risk is bluffing.
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