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With the lab jobs in hand, our confidently stated bluff became a reality.
The markets once again are calling euro-zone leaders' bluff.
He recorded the event in a beautiful inscription on the sandstone bluff.
Thus, he thought it sometimes right for the police to bluff even about incriminating evidence.
On a bluff above a narrow stream, mud-walled homes cling together in tightly packed clusters.
Instead it makes a blustery, bluff charge and swipes at the camera.
Anything could happen in this game of nuclear bluff.
The government, perhaps unsurprisingly, failed to call their bluff.
However, their refusal to spell out what they meant meant that within days markets had called their bluff.
Thousands of people gathered on the west bluff of this city to view it.
The implied threat of renewed insurrection may be a bluff.
When that happens, it tries to bluff its way out of becoming a tasty treat.
And even this really amounted to protective action or bluff.
Yet not a single flight has so far been denied fuel, so that now appears to have been a bluff.
Scattered across a bluff, the sites are open to the stars and the sea.
The bluff's golden sandstone has been worn down by water and wind into stunning sculptures and patterns.
Most folks really don't care much one way or the other and best to call the bluff of the whackos.
To bluff, unchanged in form, takes on the new meaning of to lie: a bluffer is a liar.
It speaks out bluff and bold, and sticks to what it says.
So, fellow consumers, let us not be meek about this: let us call their bluff.
In addition, when you spend time with potential investors, don't try to bluff.
His solution was to call the bluff by offering what effectively is a vote on whether or not to stay in the euro.
Each has called the other's bluff, and the marriage develops into a fluctuating struggle for power.
She was all bluff and flying feathers, and then she was my everything.
The thickness of his prose may persuade the many, but persuasion by bluff does not entail correctness.
One morning, walking on the bluff, the idea came to me with.
The liar scientists got caught and this has given a basis for real scientists to call their bluff.
The prolonged rounds of betting leave plenty of time for an outrageous bluff to steamroll the other players into folding.
The bluff oneness of rider and steed is indeed striking.
Their talk of saving civilization, he now tends to think, has never been anything but a bluff.
So perhaps the smoke signals he's sending up about retiring aren't a bluff.
Blocks of permafrost, some as big as houses, hung out over the rim of the bluff.
Still, anything could happen in this game of nuclear bluff.
The rising importance of patents has led both to an arms race and a game of bluff.
He managed this without weapons but armed with a giant bluff.
Every conversation with anyone selling anything is a pantomime of pain and bluff.

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