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The theater's typically red hues shifted to cool blues for the night.
Blues and greens consist of structural pigments that are manufactured by the birds themselves.
Nothing expands my brain more then when free soloing to the blues or rock.
Gone were the deep reds and blues of its claws and body.
Which hasn't stopped the losing side from singing the chain-gang blues.
The newly revamped interface is replete with cool blues, metallic grays and lots of swishy animated effects.
If these honeybee blues are interpreted as they would be in dogs or horses or humans, then insects might have feelings.
The system was notoriously deficient in presenting blues and getting a true white.
Blues and greens indicate substances such as pyroxene and olivine, while warmer tones show clays and other materials.
The sound begins with the basic rudiments of blues, and then goes off in some direction, usually clangorous.
It has a basic blues structure, attached to a soul horn section, and features a minimal lyric.
There is certainly little risk of eradicating the blues.
The migrants brought the blues and gave birth to jazz, rock, rhythm and blues and hip-hop.
And he was sumptuously at home with the blues, as a style and a sensibility but never as an affectation.

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