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They control our body plan, the biological equivalent of a blueprint.
Scientists now are decoding the blueprint of human life.
Both groups appeared to be different variations of a common skeletal blueprint.
First you call up a blueprint on your computer screen and tinker with its shape and colour where necessary.
The full blueprint will not be released until next spring.
Change the blueprint and you change the protein's function.
The administration has reason to be pleased, since the bill largely mirrors the reform blueprint it had been pushing.
Ten committees are drafting a blueprint for government-and are finding agreement elusive.
It is also encouraging that a useful blueprint for reform-a starting-point, at any rate-is already to hand.
But its authors admit that much more would need to be done to produce a full blueprint ready for a shipyard to start building it.
The cabinet may endorse funds for such a project this month, when it approves the blueprint for next year's budget.
However, a blueprint for the move was approved by parliament last year.
There is no blueprint that can be followed to achieve lasting business success.
But he ought to have produced a convincing blueprint for deficit reduction after that.
They provide a reference point against which to measure change and a blueprint for conservation.
Now, his diagram has become the blueprint for a new era in deep-sea exploration.
Standing within the collapsed circles, it is not easy to make out the monument's original blueprint.
The genome is a blueprint for life, but it doesn't tell you how the thing works.
Ten years ago publication of the human genome sequence gave the world a blueprint for a human being.
First on the chopping block, according to its forthcoming blueprint for defense cuts: counterinsurgency.
But it's one thing to picture the orderly lines of a blueprint, quite another to traverse the dark confines of a capsized ship.
The event itself has been courting controversy since blueprint stage.
The community of players then votes for the blueprint it thinks will have the best chance of success in the lab.
The proposal is part of the first-ever federal blueprint for broadband, released this week.
It had, as yet, no blueprint for a full-scale college administration.
Second, almost every campus needs a blueprint for greening the university.
To have a blueprint for it would be self-contradictory.
The administration is not going to win over many right-of-center moderates with this blueprint.
We should judge him by this resultant, not by the blueprint of the future he holds before our eyes.
The same computer that produces the blueprint can instruct the machinery to build the part.
May draws on his extensive experience as a therapist to offer a blueprint for breaking out of our patterns of creative stagnation.
Scientists realized that without testosterone the genetic blueprint for masculinity was essentially worthless.
The hogs are grown by corn-belt farmers, grown to blueprint specifications to please the sausage makers.
The authors' thoughtful and comprehensive blueprint deserves serious consideration, but important challenges remain.
Nor is evacuation of a whole minority of oppositionists imaginable except in a blueprint.
It wasn't as if there was any blueprint for these kinds of deployments.
We've no sense of history, of being able to adapt-people think the last few decades are the blueprint of our future.
Genes are only a blueprint, and sometimes nature doesn't follow the blueprint precisely.
It has to carry its own blueprint, transfer the blueprint to copies of itself, and use parts of itself as the copying tools.
The blueprint for the normal individual is still there.
In this blueprint there is no single consciousness center of the brain.
How one really goes out there and looks for life patterned according to a truly different blueprint is anyone's guess.
Lacking the correct blueprint for growth, the process produces cells that are increasingly unrecognizable.
The first is the blueprint mod where some discrete part of science fiction is used as a blue print for something in real life.
And even then, it's possible that our particular mix of elements isn't the only blueprint for life.
They might be a little greener, but they're pretty much built to the same blueprint as always.
These results offer a promising blueprint for stronger composite materials in load-bearing structures.
At some point, however, the discussion needs to shift to a realistic blueprint for action.
The human genome, the blueprint that describes how to make another version of you, is huge.
There is, for once, a smoking gun in the form of a blueprint describing how best to rid the nation of small farmers.
Most likely the blueprint for the future of the entertainment industry will be drawn from this ruling.

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