bluefish in a sentence

Example sentences for bluefish

We had grilled bluefish and mackerel, and small red mullets fried whole.
Many home cooks shun rich-fleshed or oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and bluefish.
Flounder, spot, croaker and bluefish as well as rockfish and sea trout are plentiful in the summer.
In summer months, you are likely to catch drum or weakfish in the bay or bluefish in the ocean.
Some bluefish, sea mullet and flounder were also caught.
Flounder are still being caught and bluefish seem to be everywhere in and outside the inlet.
Bluefish aren't so bad and will only be here for another two months, so accept their presence and enjoy the action.
The fisherman was charged for selling bluefish during the closed season and without a permit.
Bluefish have been invading the chum slicks and everyone is enjoying the added bonus of snapper bluefish.
There is still a good number of small bluefish in the region and many are being caught in the chum slicks.
Inshore flounder, bluefish, and grey trout were being caught.
Those fishermen who used cut spot or mullet had fun catching small bluefish in the surf.
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