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Humans no longer require oil from whale blubber, the only value whaling has is as an dietary vanity gesture.
Penguin eggs and slabs of blubber line the entrance.
Speaking of seal blubber, the fatty substance may be more vital to polar bear survival than previously known.
Otters do not have blubber, and use their fur and their high metabolisms to keep warm.
Water and blubber have approximately the same density and blubber is near-neutral buoyancy in water.
The largest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale is a marvel of bone and blubber, blowhole and baleen-in immense proportions.
Their blubber, or fat, insulates them in cold water.
The hunters also look forward to fresh muktuk, the top layer of blubber and skin, which is prized as a traditional delicacy.
The bolt, when shot into the whale, would excise a plug of skin and blubber.
The only heat and light was made from rendered whale and seal blubber.
Manatees are tubby but lack the insulating blubber of whales.
If that doesn't make you blubber, you oughtn't to be allowed in a motion-picture theatre.
It does this for everything from whale blubber to peach leaves.
The nausea surrounded her, six inches of rancid blubber through which she had to breathe.
Once they'd killed the whale, they towed it back to the beach, where they removed the blubber and boiled it into oil.
They used to light a blubber stove, but the heating was always inadequate, according to the diaries.
Whales are wrapped in fat-a thick layer of blubber-as vital insulation against the cold.
There are also other wounds--deep tears in the blubber and evenly spaced, parallel scratches on the skin.
Why don't you go blubber quietly over there in the corner.
The country has no whaling fleet, no tradition of whaling and certainly no market for whale blubber.
All pinnipeds have four flippers, a layer of blubber, and sensitive whiskers on their snouts.
No evidence of broken bones or trauma in the blubber layers was noted.
It's a member of the weasel family, and the only marine mammal that doesn't have blubber to keep it warm.
Blubber is a combination of fibrous and fatty connective tissues, and large oil-filled cells.
Today, one can still find the great iron pots which rendered the blubber into oil.
Tags for whales have to be implanted in the animal's thick layer of blubber.
The sea otter lacks the blubber, and consequently size, that all other warm-blooded sea animals need to stay warm.
We developed a new way to find out, by measuring steroid hormones in blubber.
Their slow speed meant they were easy to catch and their blubber-rich bodies floated after they were killed.
Once close enough to a whale, the researchers work from an inflatable boat to collect small samples of skin and blubber.
Dolphins, porpoises and whales have blubber, in lieu of fur or hair to keep them insulated.

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