blowtorch in a sentence

Example sentences for blowtorch

Axle grease also freezes and is warmed with a blowtorch.
Vic quickly disposes of the body with a hacksaw and a blowtorch.
Setting the pipe down on the pavement, at the base of the white wall, from his other pocket he removes a blowtorch.
At times, the picture seems to have been edited with a blowtorch.
Sandblasting a historic building could be compared to removing grime and dirt from one's face with a blowtorch.
While attempting to enter the unit, the offender fired the improvised blowtorch at the officers.
The fire had been raised to blowtorch proportions by the wind blowing in through the broken living room window.
Don't try to thaw them with a blowtorch or other open flames.
Heat and soften floor covering materials to patch cracks or fit floor coverings around irregular surfaces, using blowtorch.
In a little over two seconds, the flame had grown and acted as a blowtorch to burn through the hydrogen tank.
The following night burglars used a blowtorch to break into the collar.
The origin of the fire was believed to be a blowtorch used in soldering tin by workmen who were repairing the roof.
They simply used a blowtorch to cut off that portion of the wheel.
Heating cracked or chipped areas with blowtorch and filling defects with composition mastic that matches grain of marble.
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